One Piece Encyclopedia

Kaigun The japanese name of the Marines. A more acurated translation would be "Navy", but as in the signboards appears as "Marine" usually is used this last one in the translations.
Kaigunhonbu It is the marine main base located in the second cross of the Grand Line the Red Line.
Kairouseki Kairouseki (seastone) is a stone that comes from the ocean flor and has the capacity to debilitate the powers of the Akuma no Mi (Devil Fruits). With this material cells and arms are created with the intention of retain the powers.
Kaisoku Swanda The Kaisoku Swanda is the ship of Mr. 2 Bon Kure. In his sail we can read "Okama wai".
Kaizoku Kaizoku is a Japanese word, it can be translated as pirate.
Kaizoku Dan Kaizoku-ou is a Japanese word, it can be translated as "pirate crew".
Kaizoku-ou Kaizoku-ou is a Japanese word, it can be translated as "pirate king".
Kanshi Den Den Mushi A surveillance Den Den Mushi that works as a security camera. "Kanshi" means "surveillance" in Japanese.
Karasumaru The Karasumaru is the raft that Luffy, Sanji and Usopp used to ride the Milky Road.
Kasuu "Flower State" - A sword that belonged to Mr. 11, from Baroque Works, before he was captured by the Marines and passed to Tashigi's possession. It's one of the 50 Ryou Wazamono.
Kaze no Musubime "Wind Knot" - A creation of Weatheria island, some rope knots that when untie create large drifts.
Kenbunshoku "Observation Traits" - One of the types of "Ambition" that exist, also known as "Mantra" by the people of Skypiea. This ability allows to feel the presence of others, even without seeing them, and predict their movements.
King Bull The King Bulls is a race of developed Yagara Bulls able to furrow the most violent waters.
Klabautermann He is a German fairy tale character that has been used in One Piece to represent the personification of the spirit of a ship. When a ship is loved by its crew if this one is in danger it personifies in the Klabautermann to warn to them of the danger.
Ko Den Den Mushi A Ko Den Den Mushi is the portable version of Den Den Mushi. "Ko" means baby in japones, reason why this snail is smaller that the others.
Kokutou Yoru "Black Sword Night" - Mihawk's sword, one of the 12 Saijou Oo Wazamono.
Kraken A mythological sea creature. It's a giant octopus that came from the North Pole that terrifies the deap sea.
Kuigosu A surprisingly buoyant wood type, able to float heavy loads.
Kuja "Nine Snakes" - A tribe of amazons residents of Amazon Lily.
Kukri The weapon that Helmeppo's uses. The Kukri is a heavy, curved Nepalese knife.
Kuro Den Den Mushi A Den Den Mushi used for wiretapping other Den Den Mushi talks. "Kuro" means "black" in Japanese.
Kurohige Kurohige is the Japanese word equivalent to "Blackbeard", it is the name by which is known Blackbeard pirate crew and the nickname of his captain, Marshall D. Teach.
Kurosai FR-U 4 The Thousand Sunny's "Soldier Dock System: Channel 4". A motorcycle with a rhino theme.
Kyohei Kyohei is a Japanese word that means "giant soldier", is the name of the race of giants that live in the One Piece world.
KYP Aspecial ammunition for the Yeti Cool Brothers' rifles. These cartridges contain a powerful gas capable of drunk their rivals in an instant.