One Piece Encyclopedia

Red Force The Red Force is the ship of the Akagami Pirates.
Red Line It is the only continent of the world. It crosses horizontally Grand Line. One of the crosses between Red Line and Grand Line is the only way to enter Grand Line from the different seas.
Rocket Man Rocket Man is the first Umi Ressha (Sea Train), it was the prototype of the original train (Puffing Tom). This train was a failure and it was never used because its speed was uncontrollable what makes it too dangerous.
Rokushiki It is the martial art that the CP 9 members dominates. They have trained their bodies to the limits during years and now they have the force of 100 men. "Roku-shiki" (6-arts) as its name indicates this martial art is based on six different battle techniques. The techniques that compose it are Soru, Geppou, Kamie, Rankyaku, Shigan and Tekkai.
Rumble ball Rumble ball is a medicine invented by Chopper that increases his powers. When he eats it, it allows him to adopt 7 different trasformaciones.
Ryou Wazamono "Good sharped swords" - One of the categories of the Wazamono, they are a total of 50 swords an the third best of all of them.