One Piece Encyclopedia

Haisenjima "Shipwreck Island" - The ship graveyard of Water Seven, in the past it was the work place of the Toms Workers.
Haki "Haki" or "Ambition" is the ability to channel the spirit or inner power that can emanate from each one for offensive or defensive. Its usage can from inspire fear to make a powerful attack able to stop the abilities from the Akuma no Mi. Few people are able to make use of this power and only one in a million has a Haki of greater power called "Haoushoku no Haki" or "Dynasty Traits Ambition" capable of making faint large groups of people at his will.
Haoushoku "Dynasty Traits" - One of the types of "Ambition" that exist, the least common of them all, to the point that only one in a million managed to acquire it. This ability creates a so strong presence that it can frighten and dangerous beasts or even making to lose consciousness to those without will, in extreme cases is even able to affect the actual environment.
Heaven's Gate It is the entrance to Skypiea, guarded by Amazon one worries about that the visitors pay the billion extols for the entrance. Everyone who doesn't pay this tax is declared criminal.
Heso The literal translation would be "bellybutton", but in One Piece Heso is the traditional way that the inhabitants of Skypiea use to greet.
Hitsugibune The Hitsugibune (Coffin Ship) is Mihawk's ship.
Human Auction A slave auction held in Sabaody Archipelago.
Humandrillus A highly intelligent race of baboons that imitate and learn from humans, to the point of using weapons and copy their combat techniques.