One Piece Encyclopedia

Lasso Lasso is the weapon of Mr. 4, a baseball cannon fed with the Inu Inu fruit, model "Dachscund".
Laugh Tale Laugh Tale is the last island of the Grand Line and the place in which Gold Roger possibly hides the One Piece. Laugh Tale also is the whereabouts of the Rio Poneglyph, a rune that tolds the True History, Robins final search in live.
Levely A world council in which the kings and rulers of different countries of the World Government meet to discuss several issues.
Log Pose They are compasses that work with the magnetic currents between the islands of the Grand Line. Once in an island the compass loads with the magnetic force of this one and begins to aim at the next destiny.
Logia One of the three families of the Akuma no Mi (Devil Fruits). It grants elementary powers and it allows to transform itself into an element.