One Piece Encyclopedia

Baratie The Baratie is a sea restaurant regented by the famous pirate "Red Foot" Zeff that is located in East Blue and close to the Grand Line entrance.
Baroque Works Baroque Works is a criminal organization directed by Crocodile (Mr. 0). Its main work is as bounty hunters, but Crocodile is planing to use it to take control over Arabasta.
Bezan Black The Bezan Black is the ship of the Kuroneko Pirates.
Big Top The Big Top is the ship of the Buggy Pirates.
Bikkuri Zombie The original name of the "Surprise Zombie". It's formed by zombies that used the furniture of Hogback's mansion as body.
Billions Billions are 200 people who don't have a rank in the Baroque Works but work under the Officer Agents (Mr. 0 - Mr. 5).
Billow Bike Billow Bike is the name of Smoker's motorbike. This motorbike is moved with the smoke that he creates with his power.
Bliking The Bliking Duck is the ship of the Bliking Pirates.
Bon Bag Some kind of bags created with Sabaody Archipelago's soap bubbles that are used to carry the baggage. They're held with a rope, as if they where balloons.
Bon Chari A flying bicycle which is rented in the Archipelago Sabaody. These bicycles are built with the bubbles from the resin of the mangroves.
Branchiotank 5 The Thousand Sunny's "Soldier Dock System: Channel 5". A motorcycle with a brachiosaurus theme.
Brontosaurus One of the dinosaur species that inhabit Little Garden.
Busoushoku "Armaments Traits - One of the types of "Ambition" that exist. This ability allows to create a kind of shield that can protect his usar, but also can be used in offensive manner, such as the Kuja imbued their arrows with it making them more destructive and thanks to this shield it's possible to hit a Logia users of abilities.
Buster Call The Buster Call is an emergency order that summons five Vice Admirals of the marines and ten warships, a force of national level war. Only an admiral can issue this order.