One Piece Encyclopedia

Okama Okama is a Japanese word, It could be translated as "gay".
One Piece The legendary treasure of Gol D. Roger, the first pirate king. He hid it in somewhere in the Grand Line, the rumors said that it was in Raftel, the last island of the route. The pirates travel to the Grand Line in search of this treasure to demand Roger's throne. It is unknown what kind of treasure the One Piece really is.
Onibaba "Demon Hag" - A character from the Japanese folklore that eats the travelers.
Oo Wazamono "Great sharped swords" - One of the categories of the Wazamono, they are a total of 21 swords an the second rated of all of them.
Orbit The Orbit is the ship where Sanji was working when the Red Foot Pirates attacked.
Oro Jackson It is the ship of the pirate king Gold Roger. It was build by the legendary carpenter Tom.
Osakana Bus A fish bus transport network to move along Gyojin Island.
Ox Bell A sacred bell located in the Marine Ford plaza that belonged to the Lloyd Ox battleship. The bell is rung eigh times to give thanks for the past year and another eigh to thank the new year. If it's rung twice, it symbolizes the arrival of a disaster.
Ox Lloyd A Marine battleship that once carried the sacred Ox Bell.