Jango's Dance Carnival_1
Jango's Dance Carnival_2

Jango's Dance Carnival


This short accompanies the second movie of One Piece, "One Piece - The Clockwork Island adventure". The short is videoclip, it is located in Mirrorball Island, where they are celebrating the Dance Carnival. The history comes to replace the minihistory of the manga carried out by Jango that never arrived to be animated. The song that is played in this short is "Ready!" from Folder5.
The dream soccer king!_1
The dream soccer king!_2

The dream soccer king!


This short is the one that accompanies the third One Piece movie, "One Piece - Rare monster island: Choppers kingdom". The short is about a dream of Luffy, in witch the Straw Hat pirates face in a round of penalty kicks a team formed by One Piece villains (Buggy, Bon Kure, Jango and Hatchi).
Target! Pirate baseball king_1
Target! Pirate baseball king_2

Target! Pirate baseball king


This short is the one that accompanies the fifth One Piece movie, "One Piece - The cursed holy sword". In it, the crews of Luffy and Arlong face in a baseball match, it is accompanied by the commentaries of Buggy and Bon Kure. During the match we can sea a cheat code for the videogame "One Pice Going Baseball" of GameBoy Advance.