Shitsumon o Boshuu Suru (SBS)

SBS is an acronym of "Shitsumon or Boshuu Suru" or "I'm taking questions" in English. It is a section of the Japanese volumes in which the readers send their questions about the series to the own Oda and he answers them. In the second volume the beginning of this section was announced, it would begin in the third one, but since a great amount of letters were send the beginning of this section was postponed to the fourth volume. The SBS has become one of the favourite sections for the Japanese readers, in it lot of interesting data of the series is revealed, although in most of cases it is not more that a continuous interchange of jokes between the readers and Oda.

In the Spanish version this section was removed, according to the publisher "it is too oriented to the Japanese readers". This section gathers all the SBS translated by us, accompanied by all the images necessary to understand them. Since the translation, the cleaning and edition is completely by us, we wouldn't like to see a single fragment outside of this website without our specify permission.

In order to answer these questions Oda uses "D" (Dokusha) for the questions and "O" (Oda) for the answers. In this case we will translate the first one as "L" (Lector = Reader in Spanish).

Note: Since this section is for complete the absence of the SBS in the Spanish version of the manga, we will offer it only in Spanish.