Cipher Pol 9

Cipher Pol

Officially eight Cipher Pol exist in the world, divided between the Marine headquarters. The Cipher Pol is an organization, made up of groups of people who form each agency, their work is to compile information and any kind of data that can be useful for the Marines or the world government. They are in charge to safeguard the law and to observe to all people who is suspicious.

Cipher Pol 9 (CP9)

Aside from these Cipher Pols, there exists a ninth. The existence of this agency is a secret, like the identity of its members, in order to keep the maximum possible anonymity. Unlike other CP agencies, this one is not only dedicated to collect information, its work is to make the dirty work of the Marines and to eliminate the enemies of the government. The CP9 has permission to use the force and to kill to whoever interposes in the way. The CP9 could be considered like the elite assassins group to the world government orders.

Spandam, commander in chief. Leader of the CP9

Spandam once was the leader of the CP5, that was assigned by the government to recover Pluton’s blueprints and the one who captured Tom for the crime of creating the Roger’s ship, the Oro Jackson. Now years later, Spandam is the leader of the CP9 and his main mission continues being the same one, to recover Pluton’s blueprints. Unlike the rest of the CP9 members, Spandam is not strong but he is a great leader and a strategist.


Team one. Mission: Recover Pluton’s blueprints

The first team of the CP9 is formed by four agents, Lucci (with Hattori), Kaku, Kalifa and Blueno, all of them experts in the martial art of the Rokushiki. They were sent to Water 7, where they infiltrated in the Galley-La company to spy Iceberg, the old disciple of the legendary carpenter Tom and the one who is suspected that has the Pluton blueprints in his possession. Lucci and Kaku worked like carpenters on the Galley-La, Kalifa became the secretary of Iceberg and Blueno worked as waiter in a local bar. This way, they control his movements all the time, Lucci and Kaku while he worked, Kalifa controlled his actions and contacts and Blueno takes care of the rumours in the bar.


Team two. Mission: Assassinate the rebel leader

The second team of the CP9 is formed by three agents, Jabra, Fukurou and Kumadori, all of them experts in the martial art of the Rokushiki. They were sent to an unknown town, with the mission to eliminate a rebel leader and two of his partners who were against the world government. But Fukurou told to the entire town about their intentions and they discovered them, so finally they ended killing a total of 23 people.


Nero, the new member of the CP9

Nero known as "Sea Weasel", is the most recent member of the CP9. He was assigned to the protection of the third car of the Puffing Tom when the "team one" escorted their prisoners to Enies Lobby. Unlike the rest of the members of the CP9, Nero has still not been able to master the Rokushiki at all, he uses Yonshiki since he only dominates four of the techniques (Soru, Rankyaku, Geppou and Kamie).



The Rokushiki consists of six battle techniques, it is the result of the training to surpass the human limits. The techniques are:

  • Shigan (finger gun)
A fast attack with only one finger as hard as the steel, able to penetrate the human body like a bullet.

  • Tekkai (iron mass)
Defensive movement. It consists, in turning ones body into a hard armour able to absorb the hardest of the blows.

  • Rankyaku (storm leg)
This is a cutting technique. From a kick to the air, it raises a wind so hard that it is able to create a cutting beam that is send against the enemy.

  • Soru (to shave)
A technique that increases the legs speed allowing moving so fast that you disappear to the eyes of the enemy.

  • Geppou (moon walk)
Kicking the air with this technique they manage to impulse themselves as if they flew.

  • Kamie (paper drawing)
A defensive technique, they balanced and evaded all the attacks of the enemy at high speed.


Thanks to one of the Fukurou’s abilities we can know the force of each member of the CP9. Each one strikes Fukurou, them he concentrates to calculate the Douriki (a unit that measures the athletic capacity, translatable to "the way of the power"). The Doukiri is based on an armed Marine, who is 10 Douriki, knowing that the list would be like this:

  • Rob Lucci has 4000 Douriki
  • Kaku has 2200 Douriki
  • Jabra has 2180 Douriki
  • Blueno has 820 Douriki
  • Kumadori has 810 Douriki
  • Fukurou has 800 Douriki
  • Kalifa has 630 Douriki
  • Spandam has 9 Douriki

This list must not be taken as a listing of who is the stronger, since it only measures the athletic capacity, the differences between the members as the powers of the Devil Fruits can vary the order.