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One Piece is a pirate manga series by Eiichiro Oda that's published in Weekly Shonen Jump. It was first released in 1997 and is currently the most popular ongoing manga/anime. It's about a boy called Monkey D. Luffy, who wants to become the pirate king (the first was Gol D. Roger,who was executed 22 years ago).

He sails the seas fighting pirates and marines, collecting treasures, and searching for crew members. In order to fulfill his dream, Luffy must sail across the Grand Line, one of the dangerous places in the world, searching the lost treasure of Gol D. Roger the "One Piece". One Piece is probably the most popular manga since Dragon Ball..

Series data

Original Title: ワンピース (Wanpīsu)
Genre: Action / Adventure
Autor: Eiichiro Oda
Publisher: Shueisha
Serialized in: Weekly Shonen Jump
Original run: – (ongoing)
Volumes: 109
Regularity: Weekly
Director: Konosuke Uda
Animation Studio: Toei Animation
Channel: Fuji TV
Original run: – (ongoing)

Main characters

Name: Brook
Crew: Straw Hat Crew
Position: Musician
First Introduced: Chapter 443
Bounty: 83.000.000 Berries
Devil Fruit: Yomi Yomi
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Brook past Brook Brook 2 years later
Brook "Dead Bones" or "Hanauta" is the musician of the ship. It's a living skeleton, since he ate the Yomi Yomi no Mi and then was killed along with his former crew. Returning to life his body was already decomposed. His dream is to reunite with Laboon, the whale who left with his former crew at the entrance to the Grand Line, the Twin Capes. He joins the crew of Straw Hat to retrieve his shadow, which was captured by Gekko Moriah. Brook can play any instrument. It is a "person" full of jokes.

Brook's Past

At his 88 years, he was the leader of a convoy. Later the left hand of the Rumbar Pirates, a period when he meets Laboon, a whale that accompanies the crew to the Twin Capes, the entrance of Grand Line. At that point they decide to leave her behind for future dangers, and promise that one day the will be back, but in the Grand Line a fatal disease attacks the leader of the Rumbar Pirates, Yorki, and Brook taked the role of captain. The crew captained by Brook died in combat and Brook promises that he will meet Laboon thanks to the powers of his fruit. After his death the Shichibukai, Gekko Moriah steals his shadow, so Brook must stay at the Florian Triangle for 50 years.
Name: Franky
Crew: Straw Hat Crew
Position: Shipwright
First Introduced: Chapter 329
Bounty: 94.000.000 Berries
Devil Fruit: -
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Franky past Franky Franky 2 years later
Franky "the cyborg", is the ship's shipwright. He was the hidden face of Water Seven. Leader of the Franky Family, a company of dismantlers that simultaneously exert of bounty hunters on the island. The Franky Family is formed by all those carpenters who do not get to surpass the exams of the Galley-La. He is the one who builded the Straw Hat's second ship, his "Dream Ship".

Franky's Past

The true identity of Franky is Cutty Flam, one of the apprentices of the legendary carpenter, Tom. After the government captured Tom, Franky attempt to stop the train in which they escorted him with his own hands, he was run over and declared dead... but he manage to survive transforming his body into a cyborg.
Name: Jinbe
Crew: Straw Hat Crew
Position: Helmsman
First Introduced: Chapter 528
Bounty: 438.000.000 Berries
Devil Fruit: -
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Jinbe past Jinbe Jinbe 2 years later
Jinbe is a whale shark gyojin. Jinbe is an orphan raised in the Gyojin District of Gyojin Island. He enlisted in the Neptune Army until the rebellion of his mentor Fisher Tiger take him to join the Taiyou Pirates. At first violent and hateful towards humans, Jinbe learned to accept humans in his yourney as a pirate. After the death of Fisher Tiger, Jinbe took over as the captain of the crew and later joined the Ouka Shichibukai to protect his former nakamas. However, following the announcement of Ace's execution, Jinbe refused to go to war for his respect towards Shirohige, who had protected Gyojin Island all these years, reason why he was captured and imprisoned in Impel Down by Akainu. Jinbe was rescued by Luffy from his cell and both, along with other allies, left for Marineford in an attempt to rescue Ace. Two years after the war, Luffy would meet Jinbe again at Gyojin Island, where Jinbe warned him to not face Hody Jones, since that was a racial conflict.
Name: Monkey D. Luffy
Crew: Straw Hat Crew
Position: Captain
First Introduced: Chapter 1
Bounty: 1.500.000.000 Berries
Devil Fruit: Gomu Gomu
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Monkey D. Luffy past Monkey D. Luffy Monkey D. Luffy 2 years later
Monkey D. Luffy or "Straw Hat Luffy", is a boy with a dream of becoming the Pirate King, by obtaining the legendary treasure, One Piece. Luffy is kind-hearted and care free, but when someone hurts his friends in anyway, he gets real mad and serious. Luffy gathers a crew to sail to the Grand Line, where One Piece is believed to be. And with this his adventure begins.

Luffy's Past

When he was young, a group of pirates came to his town and used the town as its base. The captain of the pirates, "Akagami" Shanks, became Luffy's role model. Luffy wanted to become a pirate just like him. One day, Luffy ate the Gomu Gomu Fruit, a treasure Shank's pirates discovered. The Gomu Gomu Fruit made his body rubbery, so he can strech and twist is body out in anyway. He loses his abilty to swim though. The same day, mountain bandits came and kidnapped Luffy because he made fun of them. The mountain bandit trhough Luffy in the sea, and was about to get eaten by a huge sea monster. But Shanks saves him in time, losing his left arm to the sea monster. After that, Shanks crew decided to leave Fushchia Village. Upon leaving, Shanks gives Luffy his prized straw hat. He asks him to one day give it back to him when he becomes a great pirate. With this promise, Luffy is determined to become the Pirate King!
Name: Nami
Crew: Straw Hat Crew
Position: Navigator
First Introduced: Chapter 8
Bounty: 66.000.000 Berries
Devil Fruit: -
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Nami past Nami Nami 2 years later
Nami "the Burglar Cat", is a specialist at robbing pirates. She has decieved many pirates and stole there treasures from them. She decieved even Luffy and Buggy. Nami "join forces" with Luffy and Zoro shortly after the defeat of Buggy. She didn't want to become a pirate because she hated them (see her past). The reason why she "joined forces" is because they were after the same goal: treasure. But making friends with Luffy changed her view on pirates and offically became part of her crew after the Arlong arc. Nami becomes the crew's navigator and helps them through the oceam. She dream when she was young was to back a map of the whole world.

Nami's Past

Nami lived in the village of Kokoyashi, with her foster mother Bell-mère and sister Nojiko. One day, the Arlong pirate group invaded the village and took over. Arlong made them pay him money every month, or they would get killed. It was 50,000 berries for a child and 100,000 for an adult. Nami's family was poor, and they only had 100,000. Her mother used that money for her two daugthers and she was killed. From then on, Arlong took Nami captive because he saw her map making skills. So she was forced to become a pirate. To save the village, Arlong and Nami made a deal. If Nami could collect 100 Million Berries, Arlong would leave the town for good. So she's been collecting treasures from pirates for 8 years to achieve this goal.
Name: Nico Robin
Crew: Straw Hat Crew
Position: Archeologist
First Introduced: Chapter 114
Bounty: 100.000.000 Berries
Devil Fruit: Hana Hana
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Nico Robin past Nico Robin Nico Robin 2 years later
Nico Robin or "the Demond Child" (anso Miss All Sunday in Baroque Works), asked Luffy if she can join his crew, and he said yes. Nico Robin isn 't really anything on the crew, but she can find out things by looking at artifacts and such, because she came from a family of archeologists, the Ohara clan. She ate the Hana Hana no Mi, which allows her to grow her hands out of anywhere she wants. Nico Robin is still mysterious though, because not much is known about her. Zoro is the only one on the crew that doesn't trust her.

Nico Robin's Past

To the young age of 8, the Marines use the Buster Call against her and the rest of the Ohara clan because with their abilities they could revive the ancient weapons. Robin using her powers manage to survive and to sink all the Marines ships, reason why they put a bounty on her head (worth 79 Million Berries). From then she's been on the run from the government. She protects herself by joining criminals (like Baroque Works). She is out to find the true history.
Name: Roronoa Zoro
Crew: Straw Hat Crew
Position: Swordsman
First Introduced: Chapter 3
Bounty: 200.000.000 Berries
Devil Fruit: -
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Roronoa Zoro past Roronoa Zoro Roronoa Zoro 2 years later
Roronoa Zoro or "Pirate Hunter Zoro", is the swordsman of Luffy's crew. He is the first person to join Luffy's crew. Zoro uses Santouryuu, in other words, he uses three swords in combat. He wields the third sword in his mouth, which could be very deadly. Zoro is known as the "pirate hunter", because he hunted down the heads of pirates for money. Zoro is a strong swordsman, and never gives up a fight. He wants to become the world's greatest Swordsman, because a promise he made to his friend.

Zoro's Past

When Zoro was young, he was in a dojo learning the art of swords. Zoro was the toughest one there and could beat any of the other students, even the adults. But there was only one person he couldn't beat, the teacher's daughter Kuina. That is the only person Zoro never beat. In fact, she beated him 2000 times in a row. One night, Zoro challenged Kuna to the 2001st duel, only with real swords. Zoro says this would be their final battle. Zoro loses this match, but they made a promise to each other. They promised that either one of them would grow up to be the greatest swordsman in the world. The next day, Kuina died after falling down stairs. Zoro asked if he could keep her sword, and he did. So from this day on, Zoro wants to become the worlds greatest swordsman.
Name: Sanji
Crew: Straw Hat Crew
Position: Cook
First Introduced: Chapter 43
Bounty: 330.000.000 Berries
Devil Fruit: -
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Sanji past Sanji Sanji 2 years later
Sanji or "Sanji the Black Foot", is the the ship's cook. He can cook a delicious meal for the crew anytime. Sanji came from the Baratie, a resturant at sea. There he was a cook. A person named Don Krieg came along and wanted to take over. With the help of Luffy, they we're defeated and Sanji joined them. Sanji fights with only his feet because his hands were meant to cook with. He is very strong and persistent in battle. But his only weakness is pretty women, espically Nami. Sanji goes crazy for Nami and does what ever she wants for him. Sanji seems to have a conflict with Zoro, since they don't like each other.

Sanji's Past

Sanji was a young cook on a ship, with a dream of finding the mythical place called ALL BLUE. ALL BLUE is a place where all the fish on the world are, and Sanji was to catch and cook them. But the other cooks laughed at him. One day a pirate named Zeff invaded the place during a firce storm. Sanji tried to defend the ship, but ended up into the sea. Zeff went into the sea and and saved Sanji. The ship sank and Sanji and Zeff were left stranded on an island. The reason why Zeff saved Sanji is because they had to same dream of finding ALL BLUE. Zeff divided all the food they had. He gave four days worth of food to Sanji, and rest of the big bag to him. Zeff told Sanji to wait on the otherside of the island to see if any ships would come. Sanji divided his food into for 20 days. As days passed, no ship came. Even after 20 days, no ship arrived. Sanji ran out of food and was dying of starvation. So he decided he'd kill Zeff because he had more food, a whole bag full. So when Sanji saw teh bag and ripped it open, it was just treasure, and not food. Zeff actually gave Sanji all the food to him. Sanji asked how did he survive, and Zeff said he ate his own leg to survive (in the anime, Zeff lost his leg while trying to save Sanji from the storm). A few days later, a ship came and they were saved. Since the two were cooks, they decided that they would open up a resturant on the sea so anyone that was hungry could come and eat.
Name: Tony Tony Chopper
Crew: Straw Hat Crew
Position: Doctor
First Introduced: Chapter 134
Bounty: 100 Berries
Devil Fruit: Hito Hito
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Tony Tony Chopper past Tony Tony Chopper Tony Tony Chopper 2 years later
Chopper or "Chopper the Cotton Candy Lover" is the ship's doctor. He is also a reindeer with a blue nose and human characteristics. Thats becuase he ate the Human Human Fruit, which allows him to become human. Chopper knows a wide varitey of cures and sicknesses, so he can treat the crew at anytime with medical attention. Chopper is glad to be with Luffy's friend because Luffy was a person that accpeted him into his crew.

Chopper's Past

Chopper was a reindeer living in his tribe. But he was shunned out of the group because of his blue nose. So he accidently ate the Human Human fruit, allowing him to have human abilties. So when he goes to his tribe again, he gets chased out because he was a freak. One day he met Hiruluk, a doctor who though was a qauck. Hiruluk took in Chopper as his son and named him Chopper. He also gave him the hat he's wearing. Chopper finally felt accpeted. After a year of being Hiruluk's patient, so he told Chopper to leave. But Chopper didn't want to leave because he had nowhere else to go, but Hiruluk forced him out. The next day Hiruluk found out he was gonna die within the two weeks, but he didn't want to die becuase he didn't finish his dream that he's been working on. His dream was too make Sakuras (cherry blossoms) grow in the snowy villiage of Drum. Chopper, who followed Hiruluk, found this out. Chopper wanted to save his life, so went out and risked his life to find the "magic" mushroom, and finally got it. Meanwhile, the king of Drum, wanted to kill Hiruluk because he was a fake doctor. So the king set up a plan. So Chopper returns to Hiruluk's home with the mushroom and made a medicine that would make him live on. Hiruluk then heard there was sick people at the kings castle, so he goes up to there. But it was really a trap. Chopper then finds out that the mushroom that he gave Hiruluk was really a poisoness mushroom. So Chopper runs up to the king castle. But Hiruluk said he wasn't going to die from Chopper's mushroom, or from the king's army. He told them that them that his will be inherited, and he commited sucide. From that day on, Chopper learned to become a doctor
Name: Usopp
Crew: Straw Hat Crew
Position: Sniper
First Introduced: Chapter 23
Bounty: 200.000.000 Berries
Devil Fruit: -
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Usopp past Usopp Usopp 2 years later
Usopp is the crew's sharpshooter. He can take an sort weapon (gun, cannon, slingshot etc.) and hit its target with ease. Usopp is also a big liar and a coward. When ever a fight comes a round he would cower, but when the fight is over he would brag that he did all the work. Usopp's father is Yasopp and is a member of Shank's crew. Usopp wanted to sail with Luffy because he wants meet his father one day. Usopp's main weapon is a slingshot with all different kinds of pellets, like smoke, fire or pepper.

Usopp's Past

When Usopp was young, his father left to become a pirate on Shank's crew. Soon after he left, his mother became really sick and was gonna die. So everyday, Usopp would wait by the shore and wait for his father to return. He believed that there was a secret herb that could heal anyting, and he thought his father would come back with it. But he never did. Usopp's mother passed away and he was very sadden. So everyday he would wait by shore to see if his father would return. And every morning he would yell "The pirates are coming!", believing his father returned.