Attack Guide


Franky is cyborg, reason why half of his body is artificial. Alter the Umi Ressha incident, Franky reconstructed his body using his knowledge, but he couldn’t reach his back, reason why this is the only nonmetallic part of his body and therefore his weakness.

Franky’s main fuel is cola, which he store in his belly refrigerator. When the cola is at his max capacity he becomes an unstoppable destructive weapon, but when he is short of cola or he has nothing, he became incapable to attack and he feels exhausted. With his hairdo we can measure how many cola is left, if it’s completely up it means that it’s to his max capacity and if it down to his eyes it means that he needs to refuel. Franky can use other drinks as fuel but their have different affects on him and his personality is altered.

Franky’s battle style is a mix of rude street fighting and the use of the hidden weapons in his body. As for as the street fighting, Franky is not very fast but he is strong, and thanks to his iron body, his fists are more destructive than a weapon and his body can resists the more lethal blows, even fire shots. As a cyborg, he can come with any trick from his body or he can use his shipwright abilities to create any weapon.

1.0 Cola Hou: Coup de Poo

Kanji: 1.0コーラ砲 風来噴射(クー・ド・ブー)
Translation: 1.0 Cola Cannon: Hit of Poo

A weaker version of Franky's "Coup de Poo" used when he wants to conserve power, according to Franky this move normally uses up about 1.0 bottles of cola.


70mm Houdai Max Cola Power: Coup de Vent

Kanji: 70mm(ミリ)砲台1.5MAX(マックス)コーラパワー 風来砲(クー・ド・ヴァン)
Translation: 70mm Cannon Max Cola Power: Hit of Wind

The "Coup de Vent" in its most powerful form. "Houdai" is a battleship cannon.


70mm Koukei 0.2 Cola Hou: Chotto Coup de Vent

Kanji: 70mm(ミリ)口径0.2コーラ砲 ちょっと風来砲(クー・ド・ヴァン)
Translation: 70mm Calibre 0.2 Cola Cannon: Mini Hit of Wind

A smaller version "Coup de Vent" used when Franky wants to conserve cola or to propel himself over short distances. According to Franky this move normally uses up about 0.2 bottles of cola.


Beans Left

Kanji: ビーンズレフト
Translation: Beans Left

Franky twists his left arm inwards and exposes four small holes in his wrist, (his left hand does not move at all) that shoot rapid-fire explosive pellets at his opponent.


Coup de Poo

Kanji: 風来噴射(クー・ド・ブー)
Translation: Hit of Poo

It's as disgusting (and hilarious) as it sounds. Franky inflates his butt to an insane size and propels himself forward with a giant fart. According to Franky this move normally uses up about 1.5 bottles of cola. "Poo" is written as "Boo" in katakana, we can interpret it as the japanese sound for a fart.


Coup de Vent

Kanji: 風来砲(クー・ド・ヴァン)
Translation: Wind Hit

Franky's powerful attack, he connects of both his arms together with a "T" shaped pipe, then aims the remaining end of the pipe at his opponent. He then sucks massive amounts of air into his abnormally large arms (thus making them grow even larger) and when he reaches critical mass he fires a blast of compressed air at his opponent. "Fuuraihou", the kanji used for this attack are a pun on "Fuuraibou", which means "vagabond".



Kanji: フラン剣
Translation: Franksword

Transformed into "Franky Shougun", Franky pulls out a huge sword from the back of the robot, which he uses to attack.

Franky Boxing

Kanji: フランキーBOXING(ボクシング)
Translation: Franky Boxing

Used just in case he is running low on cola. Basically standard boxing maneuvers but because Franky's fist are made of iron, they are stronger than a basic punch by a normal human being.


Franky Butterfly

Kanji: フランキーバタフライ
Translation: Franky Butterfly

Franky swims at great speed by using his giant arms to do the butterfly stroke.


Franky Cannon

Kanji: フランキー大砲(キャノン)
Translation: Franky Cannon

Transformed into "Franky Shougun", Franky threats his opponents with releasing a huge cannon out of the robot, but in reality, a hatch opens from the chest of the robot and he is the one who shoots with his own cannon.


Franky Destroy Hou

Kanji: フランキーデストロイ砲
Translation: Franky Destroy Cannon

Franky lowers his shirt to reveal two holes in his shoulders that form into cannons. However to us this weapon he has literally to dislocates his shoulders. Franky said that these are "seek-and-pursue" rounds, but is him the one who pursues the oponent.


Franky Fireball

Kanji: フランキーファイヤーボール
Translation: Franky Fireball

Shougun Franky shoots a fireball from his chest, but in reality, it's Franky the one who shoots it from the hatch in the chest of the robot.


Franky Hair Salon: Sentou Hair

Kanji: フランキーヘアサロン 戦闘ヘア
Translation: Franky Hair Salon: Combat Hair

Franky Invincible

Kanji: フランキー無敵(インビンシブル)
Translation: Franky Invincible

Mostly a joke/defensive move, Franky lies on his back to protect his weak spot.


Franky Iron Boxing

Kanji: フランキーアイアンBOXING(ボクシング)
Translation: Franky Iron Boxing


Franky Kentauros

Kanji: フランキーケンタウロス
Translation: Franky Centaur

Splits his legs and hips in half vertically and the front set slides forwards to resemble a "reverse centaur". While he's not physically "stronger" in this form he can use his 4 legs to grab onto the opponent and restrain them so he can launch another attack.


Franky Nipple Light

Kanji: フランキーニップルライト
Translation: Franky Nipple Light

Franky uses his nipples to release a strong light capable of illuminating the ship (or any other place) in the case he's in a dark place. He's able to use these lights to communicate with signals.


Franky Radical Beam

Kanji: フランキーラディカルビーム
Translation: Franky Radical Beam

Franky joins his two hands in a circle-shape, and from this, Franky throws a huge and powerful laser beam that generated a devastating explosion that destroys all enemies.


Franky Rocket Launcher

Kanji: フランキーロケットランチャー
Translation: Franky Rocket Launcher

Using technology he acquired at Barjimoa Island, Franky uses his massive shoulders from which he releases a line (Battle Franky 37), which shows three small but powerful rocket that Franky fires at some opponent.


Franky Southland Suplex

Kanji: フランキーサウスランドスープレックス
Translation: Franky Southland Suplex


Franky Space Walk

Kanji: フランキー空中散歩(スペイスウォーク)
Translation: Franky Space Walk

Along with Chopper, immediatly and temporary, Franky builds a grand staircase with wood. This stairs won't last long, only serves to both of them to climb as soon as possible, and this way achieve a structure or a giant enemy. This attack is precedent to the attack "Super Frappe Gong".


Franky Tank

Kanji: フランキータンク
Translation: Franky Tank

Franky kneels joining his legs to get out of these a caterpillars traction, with which he can move like a tank.


Franky Triangle Jacker

Kanji: フランキートライアングルジャッカー
Translation: Franky Triangle Jacker

Franky shoots his sideburns at the opponent in an attempt to cut them, surprisingly the sideburns grow back quite quickly.


Franosuke Iron Suplex

Kanji: フラの介アイアン・スープレックス
Translation: Franosuke Iron Suplex

Fresh Fire

Kanji: フレッシュファイア
Translation: Fresh Fire

Franky takes a deep breath and breathes a big blast of fire. At first glance this attack looks identical to "Master Nail" until Franky releases it.


General Ashimoto Dangerous

Kanji: 将軍足元危険(ジェネラルあしもとデンジャラス)
Translation: General Dangerous at Feet

Transformed into "Franky Shougun", and after pulling out the "Franken", Franky Shougun takes the sword in his hand and begins to rotate horizontally, attacking one or more rivals to his feet.


General Cannon

Kanji: 将軍砲(ジェネラルキャノン)
Translation: General Cannon


General Daijoubu

Kanji: 将軍(ジェネラル)大丈夫
Translation: General Safe


General Left

Kanji: 将軍の左(ジェネラル・レフト)
Translation: General Left


General Omomi

Kanji: 将軍(ジェネラル)おもみ
Translation: General Weight

Franky Shougun dropped his colossal body over a rival army in an attempt pf crushing them.


General Shield

Kanji: 将軍の盾(ジェネラル・シールド)
Translation: General Shield


General Shield Boomerang

Kanji: 将軍の盾(ジェネラル・シールド)ブーメラン
Translation: General Shield Boomerang


General Suplex

Kanji: 将軍(ジェネラル)スープレックス
Translation: General Suplex

Hakugeki Hou

Kanji: 迫撃砲
Translation: Blind Spot Cannon

After being released by the attack Tetsujin Suisei, Franky is placed in a sitting position. Once near the enemy, prepares a Weapons Left right in the face of his enemy. The attack looked very powerful, but Franky was unable to do so, since he received a fast kick from Oars.


Heavy Nunchaku

Kanji: ヘビーヌンチャク
Translation: Heavy Nunchaku

By inserting the ends of a gigantic iron nunchaku into some stone pillars, Franky is able to create a large weapon he can weild against large size monsters.


Henge: Super Size Hi no Tori Boshi

Kanji: 変化 スーパーサイズ火の鳥星
Translation: Apparition: Super Size Firebird Star

A combined technique with Usopp. Usopp shots his "Hi no Tori Boshi" and Franky intercepts it with his "Fresh Fire" attack, causing the bird from Usopp's projectile to become larger.


Hoshi Shield

Kanji: ホシ・シールド
Translation: Star Shield

A defensive move, Franky expands one of his forearms into a circular, shield-like state.


Iron Pirate: Franky Shougun

Kanji: 鉄の海賊(アイアンパイレーツ) フランキー将軍
Translation: Iron Pirate: General Franky

Combining the "Kurosai Fr-u 4" and the "Branchio Tank 5", Franky creates a huge robot that he can ride, with big arms and a head which has a special drill on it to attack. According to Franky, with this robot he realize Dr. Vegapunk's dream.


Knee Crash

Kanji: ニー・クラッシュ
Translation: Knee Crash

A combined attack with Zoro. Using his "Heavy Nunchaku", Franky hits along Zoro the knees of some gigantic opponent to meke him fall.


Master Nail

Kanji: マスターネイル
Translation: Master Nail

Franky takes a deep breath and spits a barrage of nails from his mouth. At first glance this attack looks identical to "Fresh Fire" until Franky releases it.


Nipple Light Special

Kanji: 乳首(ニップル)ライト・スペシャル
Translation: Nipple Light Special


Ouch Finger

Kanji: アウチフィンガー
Translation: Ouch Finger

Franky opens the tip of his left pointer finger and fires a bullet from it like a pistol.


Pirate Docking Six: Big Emperor

Kanji: パイレーツドッキング6 ビッグ皇帝(パイレーツドッキングシックス ビッグエンペラー)
Translation: Pirate Docking Six: Big Emperor

As in the old Japanese giant robots series, Franky adapts hos body so that Chopper (head), Usopp (right arm), Robin (left arm), Zoro (right leg) and Sanji (left leg) can dock in it, creating this way the definitive weapon. Unfortunately, Robin completely refused to participate in this spectacle.


Pirate Robot Attack

Kanji: パイレーツ・ロボ・アタック
Translation: Pirate Robot Attack

After performing "Pirate Docking Six: Big Emperor" (this time "Pirate Docking Three", Franky along with Chopper and Usopp), Franky gets over the head of some enemy, and begins to attack: either with simple kicking, stomping and distractions.


Rokuoku Berry Jackpot

Kanji: 6億B・JACKPOT(ろくおくベル・ジャックポット)
Translation: 600.000.000 Berries Jackpot

A combo attack between Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Robin and Franky against a group of many enemies who surrounds them. Luffy stretches his arm as when he uses "Gomu Gomu no Pisutoru", Franky launchs his fist as with "Strong Right", Zoro uses an aerial attack similar to "Karasuma Gari", Sanji a flying kick similar to "Mouton Shot" and Robin strangles a group of enemies as when she uses "Treinta Fleur Strangle". The name of the attack is the compensate sum of all their bounties, it's like the jackpot from a coin up machine.


Shouri no V Flash

Kanji: 勝利のⅤ(ブイ)フラッシュ
Translation: Victory for V Flash

Strong Hammer

Kanji: ストロングハンマー
Translation: Strong Hammer

Franky removes the skin on his right hand like a glove and punches the opponent with a fist of pure iron.


Strong Hitter

Kanji: ストロングヒッター
Translation: Strong Hitter

A technique similar to "Strong Right", but this time Franky throws of the chain that holds his arm to maneuver it.


Strong Right

Kanji: ストロング右(ライト)
Translation: Strong Right

Franky fires his right fist at the opponent, the fist is connected to his arm by a strong retractable chain.


Strong Style

Kanji: ストロングスタイル
Translation: Strong Style

Super Frapper Gong

Kanji: スーパーフラッパーゴング
Translation: Super Franky and Chopper Gong

A combined attack of Franky and Chopper in which they launch simultaneous a punch against his enemy. In fact it is a combination of their "Strong Hammer" and "Heavy Gong" attacks.


Tetsujin Suisei

Kanji: 鉄人彗星
Translation: Iron Man Comet

A combined attack between Usopp and Franky. Using an enormous slingshot, Usopp throws Franky at high speed. This attack is preceding the attack Hakugeki Hou.


Tokudai Reitouko no Chouteion Reiki Hou

Kanji: 特大冷凍庫の超低温冷気砲
Translation: Great Super Freezing Cool Air Ultra Cannon

A combined attack between Franky and Usopp. Between the two, they build a huge cannon that shoots a wave of cold air can freeze anything. Franky takes care of aiming and firing the cannon, while Usopp recharge all the energy with a lever.


Ultimate Hammer

Kanji: アルティメットハンマー
Translation: Ultimate Hammer

An even stronger variation of the "Strong Hammer" attack, after capturing his opponent in "Franky Kentauros" mode, Franky uses the "Strong Hammer" to bash his opponent's face in at point blank range.


Weapons Left

Kanji: ウエポンズ左(レフト)
Translation: Weapons Left

Franky holds his left arm straight out in front with his palm facing the opponent, then his arm rotates inward and his wrist opens like a door hinge revealing a powerful laser beam. The hole in his right hand also opens up to reveal a gun sight that Franky can aim with.


Yasai Punch

Kanji: 野菜パンチ
Translation: Veggie Punch

A weak punch Franky uses should he accidentally fuel himself with vegetable juice instead of cola.