Attack Guide


Jinbe is a powerful whale shark gyojin. He is the most know expert fo the "Gyojin Karate", a martial art that was uses the special characteristics of this race and their superior power than the humans, being able to use it even underwater. Jinbe is so expert in this art, that he can even use water to hit multiple opponents, also used to destroy battleships.


Kanji: 武頼貫
Translation: Reliant Piercing

A secret technique of the Gyojin Karate. Jinbe concentrates in one hand a large amount of water that he shoots at close range against his opponent. The impact is so strong that the water penetrates the opponent's body and gets out from the other end.


Go Sen Mai Gawara Sei Ken

Kanji: 五千枚瓦正拳
Translation: Five Thousand Tile True Punch

Jinbe throws a powerful punch in the stomach of an adversary. In that process, is able to break five thousand tiles with one blow.


Go Sen Mai Gawara Shutou

Kanji: 五千枚瓦手刀
Translation: Five Thousand Tile Hand Chop

Gyojin Juujutsu: Mizugokoro

Kanji: 魚人柔術 水心
Translation: Gyojin Jiujitsu: Water Heart

Jinbe plunges into the sea. Using a jujitsu technique (unarmed martial art that originates in the bushi battle methods), Jinbe centralizes in both hands an enormous amount of water, to then transfer it to the surface.


Hikishio Ipponzeoi

Kanji: 引潮一本背負い
Translation: Ebb Tide Shoulder Throw


Kanji: 梅花皮
Translation: Sharkskin

Kairyuu Ipponzeoi

Kanji: 海流一本背負い
Translation: Sea Current Shoulder Throw

Having brought water from the "Mizugokoro" attack, Jinbe fires a powerful wave of water, as powerful as a cannon that can destroy battleships. The attack also lets him transfer one or more persons, whether on a raft or within the wave.


Karakusa Gawara Sei Ken

Kanji: 唐草瓦正拳
Translation: Arabesque Tile Punch

Using his left palm, Jinbe taked a karate pose. Then with his right hand, launches a powerful punch that, at first, seem to have no effect. However, it begins to generate a shock wave so intense that it is capable of wiping out a full army.


Nana Sen Mai Gawara Mawashigeri

Kanji: 七千枚瓦回し蹴り
Translation: Seven Thousand Tile Roundhouse

Giving his back to his enemy, Jinbe spins his body to finish with a roundhouse kick that can stop any enemy attack, even if it's a giant enemy.


Oni Gawara Sei Ken

Kanji: 鬼瓦正拳
Translation: Demon Tile True Punch

Same Gawara Sei Ken

Kanji: 鮫瓦正拳
Translation: Shark Tile True Fist

Having jumping with "Samehada Soutei", Jinbe launches a powerful and brutal blow to the neck of an opponent.


Samehada Soutei

Kanji: 鮫肌掌底
Translation: Shark Palm Block

With a powerful jump, Jinbe evades an enemy attack at high speed.


So Shark

Kanji: 粗鮫(ソシャーク)
Translation: So Shark


Kanji: 撃水
Translation: Water Shot

A Gyojin Karate technique. Jinbe gathers in one hand a small amount of water, which he shots at full speed against an opponent, as if it were a rifle shot. This technique is often used by Hody Jones, but Jinbe's version is apparently faster and more accurate being able to intercept Hody's attack. There is a pun in this attack on "sprinkling water".


Uzushio Ipponzeoi

Kanji: 紅茶一本背負い
Translation: Whirlpool Shoulder Throw

Yari Nami

Kanji: 槍波
Translation: Wave Spear

In a smaller version of the "Kairyuu Ipponzeoi" attack, Jinbe launches with one of his palms a small but powerful water cannon, capable of making a large hole in a ship.


Yari Nami: Murasame

Kanji: 槍波 群雨
Translation: Wave Spear: Passing Shower