Attack Guide


Unlike his mates, Usopp doesn't have much physical power to fight. His fighting style is characterized by the surprise, the deceit and his talent.

Usopp is specialized in remote attacks, thanks to his slingshot and a variety of projectiles to his disposition. He also makes use of his innate talent to create new weapons or to improve them. The surprise always is the key point of his combats.

Usopp is a coward and as one he maintains the distances as he can, fleeing, hiding and fighting on the dirtiest possible way. When he is in danger he can also use his last resort and most powerful weapon, "his lies", although only a few ones believe him, normally the innocents or idiots.

Many of the attacks of Usopp go preceded of "Hissatsu" (certain kill), in order to say that he will target and to maintain his supposed record of 100 shoots 100 hits.

En the history, once Usopp adopts the personality of Sogeking, a superhero. Under this identity, he changes his attacks to English names and uses a new weapon, Kabuto, a slingshot of big proportions.

Ageha Ryuusei

Kanji: アゲハ流星
Translation: Swallowtail Meteor

Making use of the Dials in Kabuto, Usopp launches an explosive projectile with an ascending curved effect that imitates the flight of the butterfly that gives name to the attack.


Akahebi Boshi

Kanji: 赤蛇星
Translation: Red Snake Star

Usopp fires a flare high into the air that creates a red smoke pillar as it flies to alert his friends to his location.


Armée de l'Air Hana Shoot

Kanji: 空軍鼻シュート(アルメ・ド・レールはなシュート)
Translation: Air Force Nose Shoot

A combo attack with Sanji. Usopp fires a cannonball at Sanji then Sanji kicks it, to change its trajectory and add additional force. Only used in Movie 7.


Atlas Suisei

Kanji: アトラス彗星
Translation: Atlas Comet

Usopp shots a projectile that is divided in four "Kayaku Boshi" just before reaching his target. The arcs the four shots make resemble the horns of an Atlas Beetle.


Baku Bokkuri

Kanji: 爆ボックリ
Translation: Exploding Pinecones

Bakusui Boshi

Kanji: 爆発星
Translation: Fast Asleep Star

Usopp uses a projectile that releases sleeping gas when detonated. Perfect to stop a group of enemies without any harm.


Breath Dial

Kanji: 風貝(ブレスダイアル)
Translation: Breath Dial

Usopp hides a "Breath Dial" from Skypiea somewhere on the battle field. These are normally used to store scents; Usopp uses it to store flammable gas when enough gas sprays into the battle field. Usopp ignites it with a Kayaku Boshi causing his opponent to be swallowed up in a massive explosion.


Chou Kemuri Boshi

Kanji: 超煙星
Translation: Super Smoke Star

Being led by a fellow on his back, Usopp's throws a "Kemuri Boshi" with Kabuto, which is more powerful and leaves a layer of more dense smoke.


Dai Bakuhatsu Boshi/Torimochi Boshi

Kanji: 大爆発星/トリモチ星
Translation: Great Explosion Star/Lime Star

Making use of his liying ability, Usopp apparently shot a defective projectile that was suposed to create a great explosion, but instead of that and without his opponent noticing it, he has shot an sticky substance that leaves him totally immobilized.


Drive Shoot

Kanji: ドライブシュート
Translation: Drive Shoot

Imitating Tsubasa from the anime Captain Tsubasa, Usopp puts all his might into a powerful soccer shoot. Sadily for Usopp this doesn't grant his shoot much force at all, however the shoot is still strangely effective despite it's lack of power. Only used once during the Soccer Special.


Enkyori: Bagworm

Kanji: 遠距離 蓑虫星(バグワーム)
Translation: Long Distance: Bagworm


Firebird Star

Kanji: 火の鳥星(ファイアバードスター)
Translation: Firebird Star

This attack shows us what power the Kabuto is capable of in ranged combat. Usopp fires what can be assumed to be a very strong Kaen Boshi in the shape of a massive phoenix.


Flash Dial

Kanji: 閃光貝(フラッシュダイアル)
Translation: Flash Dial

Usopp uses a "Flash Dial" from Skypiea and releases any light within as a sort of flash bomb.


Ganmen Bikkuribako

Kanji: 顔面ビックリ箱
Translation: Face Surprise Box

Grow Up: Bakun Sou

Kanji: 成長(グローアップ) バクン草
Translation: Grow Up: Munching Grass


Gunpowder Star

Kanji: 火薬星(ガンパウダースター)
Translation: Gunpowder Star

Pretty much the same as Kayaku Boshi attack only Usopp (disguised as Sogeking) changes the name to hide his identity as Sogeking.



Kanji: 花火花
Translation: Fireworks Flower

Henge: Super Size Hi no Tori Boshi

Kanji: 変化 スーパーサイズ火の鳥星
Translation: Apparition: Super Size Firebird Star

A combined technique with Usopp. Usopp shots his "Hi no Tori Boshi" and Franky intercepts it with his "Fresh Fire" attack, causing the bird from Usopp's projectile to become larger.


Hi no Tori Boshi

Kanji: 火の鳥星
Translation: Firebird Star

The same attack as "Firebird Star", but this time he does it as Usopp since he doesn't need to hide his identity as Sogeking.


Himawari Boshi

Kanji: 向日葵星
Translation: Sunflower Star

Using the Kabuto, Usopp fires a pellet that splits into five Kayaku Boshi that all explode in a ring that resembles a sunflower.


Hokaku Boshi

Kanji: 捕獲星
Translation: Capture Star

Usopp uses his slingshot to shoot a huge hook to attach a Thousand Sunny's rope to a surface or a large fish.



Kanji: 衝撃貝(インパクト)
Translation: Impact

Usopp uses an "Impact Dial" from Skypiea to absorb a powerful blow and releases it back at the source by striking the opponent. The downside is that the recoil from the released energy is akin to original blow.


Kaen Boshi

Kanji: 火炎星
Translation: Flame Star

Usopp fires a pellet containing flammable substances; he sometimes throws bottles of flammable liquids like sake at the opponent just prior to this attack to increase the damage.


Kaen Dama

Kanji: 火炎玉
Translation: Fire Ball

Usopp trows a small sphere, which is actually a bomb, which in contact with an opponent it burns him completely.


Kamakiri Ryuusei

Kanji: カマキリ流星
Translation: Mantis Meteor

Making use of the Dials in Kabuto, Usopp launches an explosive projectile with an descending curved effect that imitates the flight of the mantis.


Kayaku Boshi

Kanji: 火薬星
Translation: Gunpowder Star

Usopp fires a highly explosive pellet filled with gunpowder.


Kemuri Boshi

Kanji: 煙星
Translation: Smoke Star

Usopp fires a smoke bomb to confuse his enemies.


Ketchup Boshi

Kanji: ケチャップ星
Translation: Ketchup Star

A defensive move where Usopp splatters himself with small ketchup bomb so that it looks like he's covered in blood. This deceives the opponent into thinking he's injured or dead and causes them to drop their guard. Usopp can then that advantage of their lowered guard to run away or launch a sneak attack.


Kibi Dango Boshi

Kanji: きびだんご星
Translation: Kibi Dango Star

Koshou Boshi

Kanji: 胡椒星
Translation: Pepper Star

Usopp fires a small lead pachinko that explodes creating a pepper cloud with the intention to make the oponent the adversary to sneeze.


Kurobikari Boshi/Gokiburi Boshi

Kanji: 黒光り星/ゴキブリ星
Translation: Sparkling Darkness Star/Cockroach Star

Making use of his art for liying, Usopp shots a great rubber ball that when hitting it parts by half and releases a pile of (plastic) cockroaches to disgust his opponent.


Makibishi Jigoku

Kanji: まきびし地獄
Translation: Caltrop Hell

Usopp drops a trail of sharp caltrops on the ground to discourage large groups from following or as a trap. "Makibishi" eis a ninja weapons similar to a caltrop.


Metallic Star

Kanji: メタリックスター
Translation: Metallic Star

Pretty much the same as Namari Boshi attack only Usopp (disguised as Sogeking) changes the name to hide his identity as Sogeking.


Midare Uchi: Salt Ball

Kanji: 乱れ撃ち 塩星(ソルトスター)
Translation: Disturbance Attack: Salt Ball

Using Kabuto, Usopp launches many salt balls simultaneously trying to get them in the mouths of a group of zombies and this way purify them.


Midori Boshi: Boaty Banana

Kanji: 緑星・ボーティーバナナ
Translation: Green Star: Boaty Banana

Usopp shoots a "Pop Green" to a lake or an area with water, that ends ending germinating into a huge banana skin that serves as a boat.


Midori Boshi: Devil

Kanji: 緑星・デビル
Translation: Green Star: Devil

A technique developed during his two years at the Boin Archipelago. Usopp launches a special proyectile, called "Pop Green", which is actually a seed that germinates immediately upon contact with the enemy, creating a carnivorous plant that begins to eat his rival, and also grows steadily in other plants also eat other opponents who also get caught in a vine.


Midori Boshi: Dokuro Bakuhatsu Sou

Kanji: 緑星・ドクロ爆発草
Translation: Green Star: Skull Exploding Grass

Usopp shots a "Pop Green" to some trench in the ground, that with the contact, a strange green grass starts growing over all the tunnels, culminating in a huge explosion.


Midori Boshi: Humandrake

Kanji: 緑星・ヒューマンドレーク
Translation: Green Star: Humandrake

Usopp shoots down several "Pop Green", which germinate in a kind of mandrake with its own life attacking his opponent. "Humandrake" is a pun on human and mandrake.


Midori Boshi: Impact Wolf

Kanji: 緑星・衝撃狼草(インパクトウルフ)
Translation: Green Star: Impact Wolf

Usopp fires a "Impact Dial" modified with a "Pop Green" that germinates in the air and becomes a huge wolf-shaped tangle of grass. The objective of this attack is to trick his enemy into thinking it's justo another of his plant-based attacks, so he confronts it with the intention of destroying it and in the process make him get hit by the shock wave of the "Impact Dial".


Midori Boshi: Nemuri Sou

Kanji: 緑星・眠り草
Translation: Green Star: Sleeping Grass

Midori Boshi: Platanus Shuriken

Kanji: 緑星・プラタナス手裏剣
Translation: Green Star: Platanus Shuriken

Midori Boshi: Raflessia

Kanji: 緑星・ラフレシア
Translation: Green Star; Raflessia

Usopp shoots one of his "Pop Green" that at making contact with a target, it becomes a huge raflessia flower that begins to emit a foul odor, ideal to take away one or more enemies. The rafflesia are a kind of flowers that give off an odor similar to rotten meat.

Midori Boshi: Sargasso

Kanji: 緑星・サルガッソ
Translation: Gren Star: Sargasso

Usopp fires a "Pop Green" at the bottom of the sea which at contacting with a target, it becomes a "sargasso" seaweed, able to stop a volcanic avalanche.


Midori Boshi: Sprinkler

Kanji: 緑星・スプリンクラー
Translation: Green Star: Sprinkler

Midori Boshi: Take Javelin

Kanji: 緑星・竹ジャベ林
Translation: Green Star: Bamboo Javelin

Usopp shots a "Pop Green" to the ground, which becomes a series of bamboo trees after making contact, as if it were a sharp spears trap.


Midori Boshi: Trampolia

Kanji: 緑星・トランポリア
Translation: Green Star: Trampolia

Usopp shoots down a "Pop Green", which germinates in a huge trampoline-plant that makes to involuntarily jump high in the air an opponent. With this, the opponent is completely unprotected and out of balance, ideal for Usopp to attack him with another proyectile. "Trampolia" doesn't mean nothing at all, it's a pun on "trampoline".


Midori Boshi: Uchiwa Sou

Kanji: 緑星・団扇草
Translation: Green Star: Fan Grass

After creating a boat with the "Boaty Banana", Usopp shoots another "Pop Green" to create a pair of oars made of giant fan grass.


Namari Boshi

Kanji: 鉛星
Translation: Lead Star

Usopp fires a small lead pachinko ball at his opponent. from following or as a trap. "Makibishi" eis a ninja weapons similar to a caltrop.


Pirate Docking Six: Big Emperor

Kanji: パイレーツドッキング6 ビッグ皇帝(パイレーツドッキングシックス ビッグエンペラー)
Translation: Pirate Docking Six: Big Emperor

As in the old Japanese giant robots series, Franky adapts hos body so that Chopper (head), Usopp (right arm), Robin (left arm), Zoro (right leg) and Sanji (left leg) can dock in it, creating this way the definitive weapon. Unfortunately, Robin completely refused to participate in this spectacle.


Pirate Robot Attack

Kanji: パイレーツ・ロボ・アタック
Translation: Pirate Robot Attack

After performing "Pirate Docking Six: Big Emperor" (this time "Pirate Docking Three", Franky along with Chopper and Usopp), Franky gets over the head of some enemy, and begins to attack: either with simple kicking, stomping and distractions.


Rokuren Mamushi Boshi

Kanji: 六連蝮星
Translation: Six Chamber Viper Star

Usopp's shots six "Kayaku Boshi" at the same time in a snake like pattern at an enemy. This way he manages to strech the detonation angle of the attack.


Sakuretsu Saboten Boshi

Kanji: 炸裂サボテン星
Translation: Exploding Cactus Star

Usopp fires a pellet that explodes on impact and showers the victim with quills.


Salt Star

Kanji: 塩星(ソールトスター)
Translation: Salt Star

Using Kabuto, Usopp shots a projectile made of salt with the intention of purifying a zombie.


Sanren Kayaku Boshi

Kanji: 三連火薬星
Translation: Triple Gunpowder Star

A bigger and more powerful version of Usopp's Kayaku Boshi attack.


Shinsen Tamago Boshi

Kanji: 新鮮卵星
Translation: Fresh Egg Star

Same thing as the Tamago Boshi attack only with a fresh egg instead of a rotten one.


Shuriken Ryuuseigun

Kanji: 手裏剣流星群
Translation: Shuriken Meteor Swarm

First used during his fight with Luffy, Usopp fires a chain of several attached Shuriken which, when fired, separate into a large spread of shuriken to cover a wider radius.


Smoke Star

Kanji: 煙星(スモークスター)
Translation: Smoke Star

This is technically just a Kemuri Boshi attack only Usopp (disguised as Sogeking) changes the name to hide his identity as Sogeking.


Super Grow Up: Great Kuro Kabuto

Kanji: 大成長(スーパーグローアップ)黒カブト
Translation: Super Grow Up: Great Black Rhinoceros Beetle

Tabasco Bomber

Kanji: タバスコボンバー
Translation: Tabasco Bomber

Same attack as "Tabasco Boshi", but this time he introduces the pachinko directly in the enemie's mouth with his hand.


Tabasco Boshi

Kanji: タバスコ星
Translation: Tabasco Star

Usopp fires a pellet containing Tabasco sauce either at the target's eyes or mouth.


Tamago Boshi

Kanji: 卵星
Translation: Egg Star

Usopp launches a rotten egg at the target's face to blind/distract them.


Tetsujin Suisei

Kanji: 鉄人彗星
Translation: Iron Man Comet

A combined attack between Usopp and Franky. Using an enormous slingshot, Usopp throws Franky at high speed. This attack is preceding the attack Hakugeki Hou.


Tokusei Tabasco Boshi

Kanji: 特製タバスコ星
Translation: Deluxe Tabasco Star

It's the same attack as "Tabasco Boshi", but this time looks like that the Tabasco is of better quality.


Tokuyou Abura Boshi

Kanji: 特用油星
Translation: Special Oil Star

Usopp prepares a oil pellet and shots it against his opponent. This attack increases the power of any fire attack.


Tokuyou Abura Boshi: Sanren Patsu

Kanji: 特用油星 三连发
Translation: Special Oil Star: Triple Flavor

Usopp fires with Kabuto three oil pellets with the intention that at contact with his enemie he gets impregnated, making him slippy and causing him to slip and fall.


Totsugeki Ryuuseigun

Kanji: 突撃流星群
Translation: Meteor Swarm Charge


Uso-Cho Hammer Suisei

Kanji: ウソッチョハンマー彗星
Translation: Usopp & Chopper Hammer Comet

A combo attack with Tony Tony Chopper, Chopper transforms into his Horn Point form and Usopp uses Choppers antlers and a large rubber band as a slingshot to fire the hammer.


Usopp AAaaaAAAaaaAA!

Kanji: ウソップアーアアー
Translation: Usopp AAaaaAAAaaaAA!

Usopp dons a special belt that can fire a grappling hook for him to swing from tree to tree with. Unfortunately, Usopp forgot to put in a way to disconnect the rope. The attack's name is basically Usopp trying to do a Tarzan yell.


Usopp Golden Pound

Kanji: ウソップゴールデンパウンド
Translation: Usopp Golden Pound

Usopp has improved his "Usopp Pound" turning it into a bigger hammer of 10 tons. This time it is just a globe, but the emotional impact of his attack has no price.


Usopp Hammer

Kanji: ウソップハンマー
Translation: Usopp Hammer

Usopp bashes his target on the head with a small, yet effective hammer.


Usopp Hopping

Kanji: ウソップホッピング
Translation: Usopp Hopping

Usopp puts on a custom pair of spring loaded shoes and uses them to jump long distances.


Usopp Noise

Kanji: ウソップノイズ
Translation: Usopp Noise

Usopp plugs his ears, pulls out a small blackboard and rakes his nails across it to make is opponent flinch so he can escape or launch a surprise attack.


Usopp Pound

Kanji: ウソップ粉砕(パウンド)
Translation: Usopp Pound

Usopp uses his "5-Ton Hammer" (actually two frying pans, a metal sheet and a stick weighing 2 kg combined) to strike a target. Against Miss Merry Christmas, it looked like a game of Whack-A-Mole.


Usopp Spell

Kanji: ウソップ呪文(スペル)
Translation: Usopp Spell

Describes some wince-inducing situations like "razorblades between your teeth!" or "a needle embeds itself under your fingernail!" to unnerve anyone in earshot.


Usopp Wagomu

Kanji: ウソップ輪ゴーム
Translation: Usopp Rubber Band

Another deceptive move, Usopp pretends to fire one of his regular attacks but uses a rubber band instead to make his opponent flinch, so he can run away or surprise them in their vulnerable state. He sometimes uses it in the middle of a long chain of other attacks purely for a gag.