Attack Guide

Nico Robin

Robin has eaten the Hana Hana (Flower Flower) fruit, which allows her to sprouts parts of her body in any place. For most of her attacks he used hands, to neutralize an enemy or to disarm them.

Since her battle style is based on catching and reducing the enemy, in order to cause damage she must twist their bones, although she also can send them flaying or strike them against the ground or any near object.

Robin's attacks names are a combination of three languages, Spanish for the number, French for "Fleur" (Flower) and English for the action, in case that she uses one.

Cien Fleur: Big Tree

Kanji: 百花繚乱(シエンフルール) 大樹(ビッグツリー)
Translation: Hundred Flowers: Big Tree

Robin sprouts hundred arms from the body of a giant enemy with which she forms a new giant arm. This arm is used to strike or to hold this enemy.


Cien Fleur: Big Tree Clutch

Kanji: 百花繚乱(シエンフルール) 五本樹(シンコ・マーノ)
Translation: Hundred Flowers: Big Tree Clutch

After using "Big Tree", Robin grabs his opponent's arm and tries to twist it.


Cien Fleur: Cinco Mano Spank

Kanji: 百花繚乱(シエンフルール) 五本樹(シンコ・マーノ) スパンク
Translation: Hundred Flowers: Five Hand Spank


Cien Fleur: Defense

Kanji: 百花繚乱(シエンフルール) ディフェンス
Translation: One Hundred Flowers: Defense

Robin creates a net of one hundred arms to protect the ship. This net is strong enough to repel the enemy cannonballs.


Cien Fleur: Delphinium

Kanji: 百花繚乱(シエンフルール) 大飛燕草(デルフィニウム)
Translation: One Hundred Flowers: Delphinium

Robin creates two long parallel rows of arms along the ground and uses them to carry her opponent to any nearby cliff and toss them off. She also uses her "Seis Fleur: Clutch" attack on the opponent as they fall to increase the damage and to make sure that her opponent doesn't find some way to save themselves from falling.


Cien Fleur: Dos Mano

Kanji: 百花繚乱(シエンフルール) 二本樹(ドス・マーノ)
Translation: Hundred Flowers: Two Hands

Robin sprouts hundred arms, forming with them two giant arms, each one of 50 arms. She joins both arms spreading her palms, trying to block the pass of a group of enemies.


Cien Fleur: Flip

Kanji: 百花繚乱(シエンフルール) フリップ
Translation: Hundred Flowers: Flip

Robin sprouts one hundred arms on the edge of stairs to grap the feets of a group of enemies and to make them trip.


Cien Fleur: Rintou

Kanji: 百花繚乱(シエンフルール) 竜胆
Translation: Hundred Flowers: Gentiana Scabra

Robin sprouts hundred arms on the back or the torso of an enemy, to disarm or twisting him. The gentiana scabra is a bell flower, the same form adopted by Robin's arms.


Cien Fleur: Spider Net

Kanji: 百花繚乱(シエンフルール) 蜘蛛の華(スパイダーネット)
Translation: Hundred Flowers: Spider Net

Robin sprouts hundred arms of various structures, and with them creates a huge network, like a spider web, with which she rescued his friends from a dangerous fall.


Cien Fleur: Wing

Kanji: 百花繚乱(シエンフルール) ウイング
Translation: One Hundred Flowers: Wing

Robin sprouts numerous arms from his back (in fact more than one hundred) forming a pair of wings and taking an angelical figure. With these wings Robin can stay on the air for five seconds, enough time to avoid an high fall.


Cinco Fleur

Kanji: 五輪咲き(シンコフルール)
Translation: Five Flowers

Robin's escape/rescue technique, she sprouts a chain of arms that she or someone else can use as a rope, though this rope is usually a lot longer than just five arms as the attack's name implies.


Cuarenta Fleur: Cuatro Mano Hold

Kanji: 四十輪咲き(クワレンタ・フルール) 四本樹(クワトロ・マーノ) ホールド
Translation: Forty Flowers: Four Hands Hold

A reduced version of "Ochenta Fleur: Cuatro Mano Hold", where each of the giant arm is formed by 10 arms. With this technique, Robin can hold a moderately large enemy.


Cuerpo Fleur

Kanji: 体咲き(クエルポフルール)
Translation: Body Flower

Robin sprouts a total (or partial) duplicate of herself in the body of his opponent or in another location. This attack is also used to make a double of herself, creating combined attacks, or simply to avoid an enemy attack vanishing in time.

Demonio Fleur: Gran Jacuzzi Clutch

Kanji: 悪魔咲き(デモニオフルール)大渦潮(グランジャグジー)
Translation: Demon Flower: Grand Jacuzzi Clutch

Dieciséis Fleur

Kanji: 十六輪咲き(ディエシセイスフルール)
Translation: Sixteen Flowers

A sentinel technique where Robin sprouts sixteen arms from a surface she intends to protect. The arms work together to fend off any advances made on them by Robin's enemies.


Doce Fleur

Kanji: 十二輪咲き(ドーセフルール)
Translation: Twelve Flowers

Robin sprouts twelve arms around his opponent, to keep him immobile.


Dos Fleur: Grasp

Kanji: 二輪咲き(ドスフルール) グラップ
Translation: Two Flowers: Grasp

Robin sprouts two arms from the waist of someone that doesn't wear pants to grab him from his "balls" and make him cry of pain.


Double Clutch

Kanji: W(ドーブレ)・クラッチ
Translation: Double Clutch

Using the "Cuerpo Fleur" technique, Robin immobilized with one body his enemy's neck, and with the other body, his feet. Then, she finish the attack with a feet and neck clutch.


Gigante Fleur: Sea Serpent

Kanji: 巨人咲き(ヒガンテフルール) 海竜花(シーサーペント)
Translation: Giant Flower: Sea Serpent

Gigante Fleur: Sea Serpent Spank

Kanji: 巨人咲き(ヒガンテフルール) 海竜花(シーサーペント)スパンク
Translation: Giant Flower: Sea Serpent Spank

Grande Fleur

Kanji: グランデフルール
Translation: Great Flower

Robin sprouts thousands of arms in the shape of one giant arm to move large objects.


Mil Fleur: Campo de Flores

Kanji: 千紫万紅(ミル・フルール) 花畑(カンポ・デ・フローレス)
Translation: Thousand Flowers: Field of Flowers


Mil Fleur: Gigantesco Mano

Kanji: 千紫万紅(ミル・フルール) 巨大樹(ヒガンテスコ・マーノ)
Translation: Thousand Flowers: Gigantic Hand

Robin sprouts numerous arms from the Sunny, with which she creates two huge arms (composed of five hundred arm each) to prevent the Sunny from colliding with a rock or structure.


Mil Fleur: Gigantesco Mano Spank

Kanji: 千紫万紅(ミル・フルール) 巨大樹(ヒガンテスコ・マーノ) スパンク
Translation: Thousand Flowers: Gigantic Hand Spank


Mil Fleur: Gigantesco Mano Stomp

Kanji: 千紫万紅(ミル・フルール) 巨大樹(ヒガンテスコ・マーノ) ストンプ
Translation: Thousand Flowers: Gigantic Hand Stomp

Robin creates a thousand arms, with which, he creates a huge pair of legs (each one of about 500 hands), using them to make huge steps to crush an army of opponents.


Mil Fleur: Gyojin Karate: Giganteum

Kanji: 千紫万紅(ミル・フルール)魚人空手 花葱 (ギガンチウム)
Translation: Thousand Flowers: Gyojin Karate: Giganteum

Mil Fleur: Hanagasa

Kanji: 千紫万紅(ミル・フルール) 花傘
Translation: Thousand Flowers: Flowers Umbrella


Mil Fleur: Kochouran

Kanji: 千紫万紅(ミル・フルール) 胡蝶蘭
Translation: Thousand Flowers: Moth Orchid


Nueve Fleur: Twist

Kanji: 九輪咲き(ヌエベフルール) ツイスト
Translation: Nine Flowers: Twist

Robin sprouts two arms in each member of an army of opponents, and taking them by the arms, she twist them until they're knocked out.


Ochenta Fleur: Cuatro Mano Clutch

Kanji: 八十輪咲き(オチェンタフルール) 四本樹(クワトロ・マーノ) クラッチ
Translation: Eighty Flowers: Four Hands Clutch

After performing the "Cuatro Mano Hold" technique, Robin tries to clutch big enemies, similar to that he does with "Six Fleur Clutch".


Ochenta Fleur: Cuatro Mano Hold

Kanji: 八十輪咲き(オチェンタフルール) 四本樹(クワトロ・マーノ) ホールド
Translation: Eighty Flowers: Four Hands Hold

Robin sprouts eighty arm, forming with them four giant arms, each one of 20 arms. With these four giant arms, Robin holds tight a big enemy.


Ochenta Fleur: Cuatro Mano Shock

Kanji: 八十輪咲き(オチェンタフルール) 四本樹(クワトロ・マーノ) ショック
Translation: Eighteen Flowers: Four Hands Shock

After performing "Cuatro Hand Hold", Robin holds a giant enemy from his head. Then, with his four arms, she launches four devastating punches simultaneous. This technique is used to prevent a beam shot from PX-4's mouth.


Ochenta Fleur: Cuatro Mano Spank

Kanji: 八十輪咲き(オチェンタフルール) 四本樹(クワトロ・マーノ) スパンク
Translation: Eighty Flowers: Four Hands Spank

Robin sprouts four big arms in different directions to strike his enemy with a slap from diferent sides.


Ocho Fleur: Clutch

Kanji: 八輪咲き(オーチョフルール)
Translation: Eight Flowers: Clutch

Pretty much the same thing as "Seis Fleur: Clutch" except with two extra arms to restrain the opponent.


Ocho Fleur: Flip

Kanji: 八輪咲き(オーチョフルール) フリップ
Translation: Eight Flowers: Flip

One of Robin's submission/finishing attacks, first she sprouts six arms from the opponent's body and uses them to restrain them. Then she sprouts two more from the opponent's rear which she uses to toss her opponent backwards while flipping them so that they had on their head. This attack either snaps the opponent's neck or at least knocks them unconscious.


Ojos Fleur

Kanji: 目抜咲き(オッホスフルール)
Translation: Eyes Flower

One of the few attacks where Robin sprouts limbs other than arms, in this case she sprouts eyes to allow her to see places she that she cannot physically be.


Oreja Fleur

Kanji: 耳抜咲き(オレッハフルール)
Translation: Ear Flower

Robin spouts a pair of ears on a surface near some far away people to eavesdrop on what they're saying. She can also move the ears closer by sprouting a chain of arms beneath them.


Pierna Fleur

Kanji: 脚場輪咲き(ピエルナフルール)
Translation: Leg Flower

Robin sprouts from the ground, a structure, or an enemy or friend, several leg. With them she is able to raise her friends higger.


She can also use this technique to create points of support for her allies and help them to climb high structures.


Rokuoku Berry Jackpot

Kanji: 6億B・JACKPOT(ろくおくベル・ジャックポット)
Translation: 600.000.000 Berries Jackpot

A combo attack between Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Robin and Franky against a group of many enemies who surrounds them. Luffy stretches his arm as when he uses "Gomu Gomu no Pisutoru", Franky launchs his fist as with "Strong Right", Zoro uses an aerial attack similar to "Karasuma Gari", Sanji a flying kick similar to "Mouton Shot" and Robin strangles a group of enemies as when he uses "Treinta Fleur Strangle". The name of the attack is the compensate sum of all their bounties, it's like the jackpot from a coin-up machine.


Seis Fleur

Kanji: 六輪咲き(セイスフルール)
Translation: Six Flowers

A combo rescue technique with Luffy used to save people from the ocean. Luffy stretches his arm into the sea to find the victim while being guided by Robin's Ojos Fleur, and then when Robin sees the victim she creates two chains of three arms each to reach out and grab the victim so Luffy can reel them in.


Seis Fleur: Clutch

Kanji: 六輪咲き(セイスフルール) クラッチ
Translation: Six Flowers: Clutch

Robin's most common submission/finishing technique technique. She sprouts four flowers that restrain the opponent's arms and legs as well as two more that bender the opponent's head backwards. Then all at once she makes all six arms snap the opponent's body backwards with a loud "crunch", usually killing the unlucky victim.


Seis Fleur: Slap

Kanji: 六輪咲き(セイスフルール) スラップ
Translation: Six Flower: Slap

Robin sprouts six arms on the front of her opponent's torso then makes all six rapidly slap her victim in the face.


Seis Fleur: Twist

Kanji: 六輪咲き(セイスフルール) ツイスト
Translation: Six Flowers: Twist

Robin sprouts six arms to restrain her opponent body's body as with her Seis Fleur Clutch attack then she has the arms holding the opponent's head quickly wrench it sideways, snapping the opponent's neck and killing them instantly.


Slalom Vine

Kanji: 回転蔓(スラロームバイン)
Translation: Slalom Vine

A combined technique with Brook. Robin sprouts several arms on his right arm, wrapping Brook's body with the intention of spinning him at high speed. This technique is used for the attack "Gavotte Bond Avant". A "slalom" is skating mode, it consist in dodging cones while skating.


Spider Net

Kanji: 蜘蛛の華(スパイダーネット)
Translation: Spider Net

Robin sprouts several arms to create some kind of spider net, with which she is able to catch her friends after receiving a strong impact.


Treinta Fleur

Kanji: 三十輪咲き(トレインタ・フルール)
Translation: Thirty Flower

Robin creates a chain of thirty arm to grab an objet and pull from it.


Treinta Fleur: Hang

Kanji: 三十輪咲き(トレインタ・フルール) ハング
Translation: Thirty Flowers: Hang

Robin sprouts several chains of arms from a high place above her opponent then uses the arms to grab them and slam them against any nearby structure.


Treinta Fleur: Strangle

Kanji: 三十輪咲き(トレインタ・フルール) ストラングル
Translation: Thirty Flowers: Strangle

Another attack used to fight large groups; Robin sprouts one arm from each person's back, then wraps the arm around their neck to straggle them into submission.


Tres Fleur

Kanji: 三輪咲き(トレスフルール)
Translation: Three Flowers

A restraining technique, as her opponent charges her Robin sprouts three hands on her opponent's body to trip them up, hold back their weapon(s), or even do both at the same time.


Tres Mano:Freesia

Kanji: 三本樹(トレス・マーノ) 浅葱氷仙(フリージア)
Translation: Three Hands: Freesia

Un Fleur

Kanji: 一輪咲き(ウンフルール)
Translation: One Flower

Robin sprouts one arm from a surface behind her target to give them a surprise shove forward. This attack is filler and the number is in french instead of spanish.


Veinte Fleur

Kanji: 二十輪咲き(ベインテフルール)
Translation: Twenty Flowes

In a similar way as she does with "Delphinium" attack, Robin creates two long parallel rows of arms along the ground and uses them to make an emergency scape her friends.


You can also create a chain of hands to pull from a distant ally to rescue him.


Veinte Fleur: Calendula

Kanji: 二十輪咲き(ベインテフルール) 金盞花(カンデュラ)
Translation: Twenty Flowers: Calendula

Another blocking attack, Robin spreads ten new arms from the elbows of her both of regular arms and uses them to catch/block incoming attacks.