Attack Guide

Tony Tony Chopper

Chopper is a reindeer that has eaten the Hito Hito fruit, thanks to it he is now an intelligent animal with human qualities. These powers grant him three different transformations: Brain Point, Walk Point and Heavy Point.

Thanks to his medicine knowledge, Chopper was able to develop a drug, the Rumble Ball, which increases the number of transformations of the Hito Hito fruit to seven, the three original plus Arm Point, Guard Point, Jumping Point and Horn Point.

The effect of the Rumble Ball is limited and only can be used once every six hours, otherwise it can produce an overdose on Chopper.

In the case of ingesting two Rumble Balls in less than six hours, Chopper loses the control on his powers and the "Points" changes against his will, making impossible to him to fight in these conditions.

In case that Chopper gets to ingest three Rumble Balls, an overdose takes place and a new transformation, "Monster". Chopper in this form it gets an incredibly power but he loses the control completely and attacks the first one that crosses in his way.

Arm Point

Kanji: 腕力強化(アームポイント)
Translation: Arm Point

This is the form where Chopper uses the majority of his attacks, similar looking to Jumping Point but with extremely beefy arms and reindeer hooves for hands.


Armée de l'Air Koku tei Roseo Shoot

Kanji: 空軍(アルメ・ド・レール)刻蹄桜(ロゼオ)シュート
Translation: Air Force Carving Hoof Sakura Shoot

A combined attack with Sanji. Sanji placed his leg to help Chopper, while he prepares "Arm Point" mode. In a powerful kick, Sanji throws Chopper, and he attacks with a "Koku Tei Roseo" injuring the enemy.


Brain Point

Kanji: 頭脳強化(ブレーンポイント)
Translation: Brain Point

Chopper's usual look, with a small body and large head. He is smarter in this form, and also inexplicably cute. This is also the form where he does his best thinking because he can utilize both human intelligence and reindeer sensitivity at the same time.


Chopaphage Nebulizer

Kanji: チョパファージ霧砲(ネブライザー)
Translation: Chopaphage Nebulizer

Gomu Gomu no Heavy Stamp

Kanji: ゴムゴムのヘビースタンプ
Translation: Rubber Rubber Heavy Stamp

Guard Point

Kanji: 毛皮強化(ガードポイント)
Translation: Guard Point

Very similar to Brain Point, only Chopper's fur grows out and becomes a round, fluffy shield against outside attacks.


After spending two years on Eerie Island, Chopper manages to get this transformation even bigger and with more fur. Very useful to protect the ship in emergencies.


Heavy Gong

Kanji: 重量(ヘビー)ゴング
Translation: Heavy Gong

Can only be used in Heavy Point form, Chopper throws a strong punch to the opponent's face.


Heavy Point

Kanji: 重量強化(ヘビーポイント)
Translation: Heavy Point

Chopper form which gives him a werehuman-like appearance and height. This form imbues Chopper with super-human strength and he also uses this form to help steer the ship.


Horn Point

Kanji: 角強化(ホーンポイント)
Translation: Horn Point

Similar to Walk Point, only Chopper gains large human arms and his antlers become much larger and very sharp.


Jumping Point

Kanji: 飛力強化(ジャンピングポイント)
Translation: Jumping Point

A lot like Heavy Point only skinnier, with a reindeer head instead of a human-like one, and Chopper keeps his reindeer legs, which makes him very fast and allows him to jump long distances.


Kaku Hou Elf

Kanji: 角砲11(エルフ)
Translation: Horn Cannon Eleven

Transformed into "Horn Point", Chopper get out from under the earth to to collide by surprise with his horns on an opponent. "Elf" here refers to the "11" number in German.


Koku tei Cross

Kanji: 刻蹄十字架(クロス)
Translation: Carving Hoof Cross

Can only be used when in "Arm Point" form, Chopper puts both hooves together on the right side of his body wrist to wrist. When he strikes he keeps his wrists together but spreads his "toes" apart so that the imprint left in the opponent's body looks like an "X". Like the "Koku tei Roseo" this attack's name can be read differently with "Koku tei" being read as the word "Kokutei", making the attack's name "National Cross".


Koku tei Diamond

Kanji: 刻蹄菱形(ダイヤモンド)
Translation: Carving Hoof Diamond

Can only be used when in "Arm Point" form. Similar to the "Koku tei Cross" technique, but this time, Chopper puts his hooves in a diamond-shape leaving the mark of a "diamond" in the body of his opponent.


Koku tei Palm

Kanji: 刻蹄椰子(パルメ)
Translation: Carving Hoof Palm

Transformed into "Monster Point", Chopper strongly hits his adversary with his hand extended.


Koku tei Roseo

Kanji: 刻蹄桜(ロゼオ)
Translation: Carving Hoof Sakura

Can only be used when in Arm Point form, and typically used after Scope to attack a foe's weak spot. Chopper punches the opponent with such a force that his hoof leaves an imprint in his victim that looks like a sakura (cherry blossom) petal, which makes sense because "Roseo" is the Italian word for "sakura". If wwe read "kokutei", the meaning is "national", them "National Sakura", the flower of Drum.


Koku tei Roseo Metel'

Kanji: 刻蹄桜吹雪(ロゼオ・ミチエーリ)
Translation: Carving Hoof Sakura-Storm

Can only be used in Arm Point form and is currently Chopper's strongest attack. This is an attack appears to be a combination of Koku tei Roseo and Koku tei Cross, except that it's far more powerful. Chopper starts off by putting his hooves together on the right side of his body, as if setting up for a Koku tei Cross attack, and then he runs or jumps towards his opponent and strikes the opponent with a barrage of Koku tei Roseo strikes. The hoof-mark imprints look like a large group of falling sakura (cherry-blossom) petals. "Metel'" is Russian for "Snow-Storm", the pun is that it is changed to "Sakura-Storm".


Kung Fu Point

Kanji: 柔力強化(カンフーポイント)
Translation: Kung Fu Point

In this form, Chopper is still in his "Brain Point", but having, in a smaller version, his "Arm Point" arms and his "Jumping Point" feets. Ideal for a surprise attack or multiple opponents.

Monster Point

Kanji: 怪物強化(モンスターポイント)
Translation: Monster Point

If Chopper takes three Rumble Balls within six hours it transforms him into a 20 foot monster with an oddly misshapen head and antlers, as well as long shaggy fur. Chopper also loses all "consciousness" and goes completely berserk in this form, smashing anyone and anything he sees. Kureha told him after he had used it for the first time, that he had leveled an entire village on Drum Island while in this form. Kureha also commented on this form being that of a true monster; a danger to friend, foe, and even Chopper himself.

chopper-monsterpoint After his two years of training in Eerie island, Chopper is able to maintain the control during this transformation, so he can concentrate attack only his enemies. Although, it still has the weakness of being unable to move his entire body for three hours after using it.

Pirate Docking Six: Big Emperor

Kanji: パイレーツドッキング6 ビッグ皇帝(パイレーツドッキングシックス ビッグエンペラー)
Translation: Pirate Docking Six: Big Emperor

As in the old Japanese giant robots series, Franky adapts hos body so that Chopper (head), Usopp (right arm), Robin (left arm), Zoro (right leg) and Sanji (left leg) can dock in it, creating this way the definitive weapon. Unfortunately, Robin completely refused to participate in this spectacle.


Pirate Robot Attack

Kanji: パイレーツ・ロボ・アタック
Translation: Pirate Robot Attack

After performing "Pirate Docking Six: Big Emperor" (this time "Pirate Docking Three", Franky along with Chopper and Usopp), Franky gets over the head of some enemy, and begins to attack: either with simple kicking, stomping and distractions.


Robi-Cho Suplex

Kanji: ロビッチョスープレックス
Translation: Robin and Chopper Suplex

A combined technique with Robin. Chopper grabs an opponent with force, and using Robin's "Pies Fleur" technique, Chopper with rises his opponent quite high and then makes a "suplex", characteristic of wrestling, for head banging his opponent to the ground.


Roseo Colonnade

Kanji: 桜並木(ロゼオコロネード)
Translation: Sakura Colonnade

Can only be used in Horn Point form, an attack used when Chopper is up against several opponents at once, he chases his opponents and tosses them in the air with his horns. When they land their head end up embedded in the ground and their body sticking straight up like a column. "Colonnade" is an architecture term for a symmetrical arrangement of stone columns, used to support the roofs of ancient buildings like churches and palaces, or in this case the (symmetrical) appearance of Chopper's defeated enemies.



Kanji: ランブル
Translation: Rumble

Not actually an "attack" per say, just what Chopper says whenever he eats a Rumble Ball to gain access to his additional transformations.



Kanji: 診断(スコープ)
Translation: Scope

This attack can only be used when in Brain Point form and after eating a "Rumble Ball". Chopper puts the tips of his front hooves together, and then spreads his toes to make a small "window" with his hooves. In this stance he stares at his opponent and concentrates in order to scan his opponent to find their weakness.


Super Frapper Gong

Kanji: スーパーフラッパーゴング
Translation: Super Franky and Chopper Gong

A combined attack of Franky and Chopper in which they launch simultaneous a punch against his enemy. In fact it is a combination of their "Strong Hammer" and "Heavy Gong" attacks.


Uso-Cho Hammer Suisei

Kanji: 必殺ウソッチョハンマー彗星
Translation: Usopp & Chopper Hammer Comet

A combo attack with Usopp, Chopper transforms into his Horn Point form and Usopp uses Choppers antlers and a large rubber band as a slingshot to fire the hammer.


Walk Point

Kanji: 脚力強化(ウォークポイント)
Translation: Walk Point

This is Chopper's form as a normal reindeer, useful for general travel on foot and passing through towns without attracting too much attention.