Attack Guide


At the beginning the main weapon of Nami was his "womanly gifts" and a wood Bou that he hide in the leg under the skirt. Whatsoever, Nami wasn't to the height of the rest of his mates at fighting. But this changed when Usopp make the Clima Tact for her.

The Clima Tact is a three pieces Bou similar to the old wood one, but with the difference that with this one Nami is able to control the climate. At the beginning the Clima Tact only had nine different attacks, but thanks to Nami’s knowledge she has been able to develop her own attacks.

But later the Clima Tact would be upgraded. After their travel to Skypiea, Usopp used the Dials that he interchanged with rubbers to upgrade the Clima Tact, turning it in the "Perfect Clima Tact". Thanks to the Dials, the weapon now is much more powerful and the preparation for her attacks no longer require so much time.

After her stay at Weatheria Island, Nami would make a new upgrade to her Clima Tact, now becoming the "Sorcery Clima Tact", which, in addition to helping her to evade enemy attacks (including swords), it doesn't need anymore to load the attacks, which can be made much faster.

Black Ball: Raiun Rod

Kanji: ブラックボール 雷雲=ロッド
Translation: Black Ball: Thunder Cloud Rod

Using the Sorcery Clima Tact, Nami convened a series of bubbles, which contain a small portion of thundercloud. While she calls them, Nami makes them to form a circle. Once the bubbles blow up, they detonate in an electrical explosion capable of taking down an entire army of opponents.



Kanji: クラウディ=テンポ
Translation: Cloudy Tempo

Two of the staff pieces are attached to each other like a pole, then the third staff is attached at a downward angle making it look like a rifle, and flowers magically sprout from the tip.


When Nami upgrades to the Perfect Clima Tact the "rifle" fires clouds into the sky which Nami uses to unleash her "Rain=Tempo" or "Thunderbolt=Tempo" attack.


Cool Ball

Kanji: 冷気泡(クールボール)
Translation: Cool Ball

Nami takes the "Cool Pole" and blows into the end of it. A bubble of cold comes out of the other end and drifts along in the air.



Kanji: クール=チャージ
Translation: Cool Charge

Nami energizes the end section of her Perfect Clima Tact with cold energy; she can use this charge to attack her foe directly or use the energy to in a different technique.


Cyclone Burst

Kanji: サイクロン・バースト
Translation: Cyclone Burst

Using the strange strings found in the Wheatheria area, Nami separates her Perfect Clima Tact into two parts, and using the "Cool=Charge", and "Heat=Charge", Nami turns the Clima Tact towards the sky, creating a massive cyclone and undo the thunderclouds.



Kanji: サイクロン=テンポ
Translation: Cyclone Tempo

Nami puts the "Heat Pole" and "Cool Pole" together like an X on the top of the "Electric Pole". She swings it like a bat, and the X detaches from the "Thunder Pole" spinning towards her opponent. When the X hits, it stops and creates a massive wind that'll blow her opponent away. The X will return to Nami like a boomerang.


Dark Cloud=Tempo

Kanji: 黒雲(ダーククラウド)=テンポ
Translation: Dark Cloud Tempo

Nami separates her Perfect Clima Tact into two pieces and touches their tips together to generate a small dark cloud. While the cloud does not seem dangerous at first, if it is allowed to stagnate for too long it will discharge a powerful thunderbolt which Nami uses for her Thunder Lance=Tempo attack.


Fata Morgana

Kanji: 幻想妖精(ファタ・モルガナ)
Translation: Fata Morgana

A special variation of Nami's Mirage=Tempo created with the Perfect Clima Tact's "Cool=Charge". Nami creates layer upon layer of cold air and light refraction caused by the temperature change creates five different Nami illusions. One of the Namis looks normal, one's a chibi Nami, one's a tall shiny Nami, one's a short fat Nami and the last one's a tall muscular Nami, however despite their appearances the real Nami could actually be anyone of the five. The bizarre appearance of these copies often causes the opponent to drop their guard so Nami can launch another attack, however whenever Nami uses an attack so do all her clones do too. Of course the clone's attacks are also just illusions, but they can get mixed in with the real Nami's attack so that the opponent can’t tell which attacks are real and which are harmless. A "fata morgana" is real type of mirage that happens on ships; temperature inversion causes objects on the horizon, such as islands, cliffs, ships or icebergs appear elongated and elevated like a fliying castle. The name of this phenomenon comes from the fairy Morgan le Fay, the shape shifting half-sister of the mythological King Arthur, it is said that she can create flying castles. The translation of the used kanjis is "Fairies of Illusion".



Kanji: ファイン=テンポ
Translation: Fine Tempo

Nami arranges the three Clima Tact pieces together to form a triangle and then doves magically exit the triangle.



Kanji: フォッグ=テンポ
Translation: Fog Tempo

Nami uses "Cool Ball" against an extremely hot attack to create a massive fog due to the vapor in the air increasing in density from the rapidly heating cold air.


Gust Sword

Kanji: 突風(ガスト)ソード
Translation: Gust Sword

Nami concentrated a booble at the tip of one of the three parts of the "Sorcery Clima Tact", which generates a wind gust of when it blows, able to strongly push away the enemy.


Heat Ball

Kanji: 熱気泡(ヒートボール)
Translation: Heat Ball

Nami takes the "Heat Pole" and blows into the end of it. A bubble of heat comes out of the other end and drifts along in the air.


Heat Egg

Kanji: 熱卵(ヒートエッグ)
Translation: Heat Egg

Nami charges an enormeus "Heat Ball" with one of the three pieces of her "Sorcery Clima Tact", and directly attacks an enemy with it. The generated "Heat Ball" is so powerful that it can melt the snow.



Kanji: ヒート=チャージ
Translation: Heat Charge

Nami energizes the end section of her Perfect Clima Tact with hot energy; she can use this charge to attack her foe directly or use the energy to in a different technique. (Nami hasn't actually used this one yet but if there's a cool charge and thunder charge there's got to be a hot one too)


Kanji: 衝撃貝(インパクト)
Translation: Impact

Nami uses Gan Fall's "Impact Dial" to finish an opponent off.


Milky Ball

Kanji: ミルキーボール
Translation: Milky Ball

Using the "Milky Dial" in her "Sorcery Clima Tact", Nami creates a thick milky cloud to keep back a group of enemies that are after her.


Milky Road

Kanji: ミルキーロード
Translation: Milky Road

Using the "Milky Dial" of her "Sorcery Clima Tact", Nami creates a solid cloud path on which she can walk around and this way overcome any obstacle.


Mirage Kaijo

Kanji: 蜃気楼(ミラージュ)解除
Translation: Mirage Cancel

Using the "Sorcery Clima Tact", with this technique Nami cancels the "Mirage=Tempo" attack, becoming visible to others.


Kanji: 蜃気楼(ミラージュ)=テンポ
Translation: Mirage Tempo

An upgraded version of Nami's "Shinkirou" attack created with the Perfect Clima Tact's "Cool Charg"e.


Mirai Kick

Kanji: 未来キック
Translation: Future Kick

Ninpo: Raitei

Kanji: 忍法 雷霆
Translation: Ninja Arts: Thunder


Kanji: レイン=テンポ
Translation: Rain Tempo

Nami separates all three of the Clima Tact pieces placing one in each hand and balancing the third on her head and makes them all spout water into the air.


When Nami upgrades to the Perfect ClimaTact, she uses the "Cool Ball" to make rain a cloud previously created by the "Rain=Tempo" attack.


Seidenka Black Ball

Kanji: 正電荷ブラックボール
Translation: Positive Charge Black Ball

Shiawase Punch

Kanji: 幸せパンチ
Translation: Happiness Punch

This is not an actual attack per se, but it's still an extremely potent technique. Nami has used it only once thus far in the Royal Hot springs of Arabasta; but it took out Monkey D. Luffy, Sanji, Tony Tony Chopper, Usopp, Igaram, Cobra and Matsuge at the same time. Basically, Nami just drops her towel and "bears it all" causing massive knock back and nose bleeds all around.



Kanji: 蜃気楼
Translation: Mirage

Nami use the "Coll Ball" to change the air density and the extreme difference in temperature causes major light refraction allowing Nami to create a mirage of herself.



Kanji: シャワー=テンポ
Translation: Shower Tempo

Nami creates a small rain cloud that she uses as a shower.



Kanji: スプリンクラー
Translation: Sprinkler

Nami spins around on her foot while performing the "Rain=Tempo" to help it spread over a wider area.


Swing Arm

Kanji: 風速計(スイングアーム)
Translation: Swing Arm

After using the "Thunder=Charge" technique Nami adjusts the charged end of her Perfect Clima Tact so she can use it as an electrified flail.


Thunder Ball

Kanji: 電気泡(サンダーボール)
Translation: Thunder Ball

Nami takes the "Thunder Pole" and blows into the end of it. A bubble of electricity comes out of the other end and drifts along in the air.


Thunder Lance=Tempo

Kanji: 雷光槍(サンダーランス)=テンポ
Translation: Thunder Lance Tempo

After using her "Dark Cloud=Tempo" attack and allowing the cloud to stagnate long enough, Nami uses her Perfect Clima Tact to direct the dark cloud's thunderbolt straight through her opponent's heart, thus stopping it and killing her foe in one shot.


Thunder Trap

Kanji: 雷雲の罠(サンダー・トラップ)
Translation: Thunder Trap

With her "Sorcery Clima Tact", Nami creates three aparently harmless storm clouds, but if a rival falls in the middle of the triangle, he's electrocuted by surprise.



Kanji: サンダー=チャージ
Translation: Thunder Charge

Nami energizes the end section of her Perfect Clima Tact with electric energy; she can use this charge to attack her foe directly or use the energy to in a different technique.



Kanji: サンダー=テンポ
Translation: Thunder Tempo

The three Clima Tact pieces are joined together in a "Y" shape. Nami then grabs two of the poles and a boxing glove bursts out of the end of the remaining pole.



Kanji: サンダーボルト=テンポ
Translation: Thunderbolt Tempo

First Nami uses "Rain=Tempo" and "Sprinkler" to moisten the air. Then she uses "Cool Ball" to make the air cooler. Afterwards, she uses "Heat Ball" to suck up the moisture and the heated air rises. The heat collides with the cold and the air condenses which creates a cloud. Nami continues to enlarge the cloud with Hiito Boru and "Cool Ball". Finally, she uses a "Thunder Ball" to electrify the cloud. Soon after, a powerful lightning bolt strikes her opponent.



Kanji: トルネード=テンポ
Translation: Tornado Tempo

Nami combines the three pieces together into a "T" shape. In a bright flash from each end, two clockwork doves burst out and ensnare her opponent. Then the "T" starts to spin rapidly until it finally shoots the captured enemy with mighty force. Nami can only use this attack once, because the doves become unusable after the attack.


Weather Egg: Thunder Breed=Tempo

Kanji: 天候の卵(ウェザーエッグ) サンダーブリード=テンポ
Translation: Weather Egg: Thunder Breed Tempo


Weather Egg: Yukigumo

Kanji: 天候の卵(ウェザーエッグ) 雪雲
Translation: Weather Egg: Snow Cloud

Weather Egg: Zeus Breeze=Tempo

Kanji: 天候の卵(ウェザーエッグ) ゼウス・ブリーズ=テンポ
Translation: Weather Egg: Zeus Breed Tempo