Attack Guide


Brook is a living skeleton, because he ate the Yomi Yomi no Mi, which allowed him back to life once. However, the spirit of Brook took too long to find his body, and when it was found, he was already skeleton.

Because of this, Chopper said Brook's body was very light. This makes Brook attacks are faster than those of an ordinary human.

Before dying, Brook was leading a convoy escort, in an ancient kingdom in West Blue. Therefore, Brook has skills as a swordsman Zoro, though not as good as him, their skills make him a very important member of the crew.

After his world tour as "Soul Brook", Brook's long-armed captors designed him an special cane sword named "Solid Soul", which, besides being a very sharp rapier, it is also very cold. According to Brook's words, it brings the very cold of the underworld.

The names of his attacks are usually based on fencing attacks mixed with musical forms.

Aubade Coup Droit

Kanji: 夜明歌(オーバード)・クー・ドロア
Translation: Aubade Right-Handed Strike

Brook throws a thrust at his opponent with the intention to cut his throat, which is capable of generating a powerful shockwave. After his world tour as Soul Brook, with "Soul Solid", Brook makes the thrust not only to launch a shockwave, but also, to be cold.


Cold Soul

Kanji: コールド魂(ソウル)
Translation: Cold Soul

Ekaki Uta: Hitoyogiri

Kanji: 絵描き唄 一節斬り
Translation: Painter Song: One Time Cut

Transformed into a painting by Djola's power, Brook uses his Iai step technique to cut his opponent without him realizing this.


Gavotte Bond Avant

Kanji: 革命舞曲(ガボット)・ボンナバン
Translation: Gavotte Leap Forward

Brook rush with "Soul Solid" at his front with the intention of giving to the enemy a mortal thrust.


Hanauta Sanchou: Tamashii no Yahazu Giri

Kanji: 鼻唄三丁 魂の矢筈切り
Translation: Humming Three Blocks: Soul Arrow Cut

Hanauta Sanchou: Yahazu Giri

Kanji: 鼻唄三丁 矢筈斬り
Translation: Humming Three Blocks: Arrow Notch Cut

Brook realizes a quick Iai cut on one or several enemies without apparent result. The cut doens't take place until the opponent walks three steps. He can usethis technique with the edge or the reverse of the sword, if he uses the edge it's a mortal cut. The pune is in the kanji "hazu" of "yahazu" , that separately means "expectation that something took place".


Kasuri Uta: Fubuki Giri

Kanji: 掠り唄 吹雪斬り
Translation: Grazing Song: Blizzard Cut

While humming a song, Brook slowly approaches his enemy, then to sudenly get out of his sight. For when the enemy has realized that Brook is on his back, Brook has already executed a powerful Iai cut, which also freeze the blood of the wound.


Nemuri Uta Flanc

Kanji: 眠り唄 フラン
Translation: Lullaby Parry

With his sword, Brook makes a touch of violin making lullaby musical notes, as strong that turns the opponents into sleeping. Once asleep, Brook attacks them at full speed.


Party Music: Quinte Tierce Fantasia

Kanji: パーティーミュージック キントーティアス幻想曲(ファンタジア)
Translation: Party Music: Third Fifth Fantasia

Brook pulls out his violin and starts playing a tune, which makes his opponents to think that they are in a folk festival. Once these are completely distracted, Brook executes an Iai cut, so fast that when the opponents are aware of being bewitched, they are suffering the cut.


Phrase d'Armes: Orchestra

Kanji: フラーズダルム 管弦楽(オーケストラ)
Translation: Arms Phrase: Orchestra

Raikotsuken: Gavotte Bond Avant

Kanji: 雷骨剣 革命舞曲(ガボット)・ボンナバン
Translation: Lightning Bone Sword: Gavotte Leap Forward

A devastating combination attack between Brook, Nami, Robin and Usopp. Using a huge slingshot, Usopp starts propeling Brook, while Robin covers it him with his hands in his Slalom Vine. Nami begins preparing his Dark Cloud Tempo at an approximate distance to the path of the impulse. Then Usopp release the slingshot while Robin unravels Brook's body, as if it were a spin. In this position, Brook begins to rotate at high speed with his sword in an upright position. In mid-travel, Brook crosses the black cloud created by Nami, which makes his body electrified. With the momentum, and the twisting effect, Brook made a devastating attack. This attack was able to cross a part of Oars arm.


Soul Parade

Kanji: 魂の(ソウル)パラード
Translation: Soul Parade

Soul Parade: Eisbahn

Kanji: 魂の(ソウル)パラード アイスバーン
Translation: Soul Parade: Skating Rink

Swallow Banderole

Kanji: 飛燕曲(スワロー)バンドゥロル
Translation: Swallow Banderole

Swallow Bond Avant

Kanji: 飛燕曲(スワロー)ボンナバン
Translation: Swallow Leap Forward

Climbing a structure, Brook attacks his enemy, with a straight cut, straight to his head.



Translation: Soul

A skill learned from the control of the "Yomi Yomi no Mi". Brook can concentrate his soul leave his body, like an energy-like entity. This energy allows Brook to receive damage in his body without him feeling anything, and even recover from fatal damage (such as a decapitation), while his bones don't suffer internal damage. It also allows him to transfer his soul to other places and communicate messages to others (although it may scare others). According to Brook, this ability was developed from his concerts, where he realized that his music strongly shaked the souls of his fans.