One Piece Encyclopedia

Wadou Ichimonji "The straight line of harmony" - Wadou Ichimonji is Zoro's white sword, which originally belonged to Kuina. Is one of the "21 Oo Wazamono". This is the sword that Zoro uses with the mouth when he fights in Santouryuu style (style of three swords).
Water Sonar The Water Sonar is the ship of the Shoujou Pirates.
Waver The Wavers is motorcicles driven by the power of the dials of Skypiea. They can ride as much over clouds of Skypiea like over earth and sea.
Weatherball A creation of Weatheria Island, some bubbles that allow them to travel to the surface.
West Blue West Blue is the sea more to the west. At the moment there is no known location in this sea
White Berets The White Berets is the police of Skypiea. Their work is to make sure that no one breaks any of the laws imposed by the God Enel. All the criminals are their responsibility, with the exception of the second class criminals which are judged by the four priests or the first class criminals which receives the divine judgment.
White Storm A strong water current that suddenly appears on the sea floor. It's said that when a ship is caught in this vortex, days later it appears in distant waters unmanned.
Wild Zombie The Wild Zombie resides in the "Pellona's Wonder Garden" and in the forest that surrounds the island, they are zombies created from animal bodies.
Wotan The Wotans are half-fish, half-giant creatures.