One Piece Encyclopedia

Sabagashira Ichigou The Sabagashira is a part of the Baratie, it separates to create a pedal movil battleship.
Sabao Dome Sabaody Archipelago stadium, located on the 33rd Grove.
Sabaody Park The amusement park located in the Sabaody Archipelago.
Saijou Oo Wazamono "Best of the great sharped swords" - One of the categories of the Wazamono, they are a total of 12 swords an the best of all of them.
Saint Bliss The Saint Bliss is the 200 years old ship that fallen from the sky before the eyes of the Straw Hats.
Sakura Sakura is a Japanese word, It can be translated as "cherry trees".
Sandai Kitetsu "Third generation demon-splitter" - Sandai Kitetsu is the cursed sword that Zoro got in Logue. It is a "Wazamono" or "greatest of the great edges". According to the swords history all those that grasped it died in a tragic way. The sword has red grip and mulberry edge. Zoro can feel the malignant dawn of his sword and locate it when he loses it.
Santouhei "Third class private recruit" - A person recruited by marines to exert as soldier.
Santouryuu Santouyuu is the sword discipline that Zoro uses to fight. It consists in using simultaneously three swords, one by hand and a third one in the mouth.
Sekai Seifu The original name of the World Government. This government is affiliated with roughly 170 nations of this world.
Sexy Foxy The Sexy Foxy is the ship of the Foxy Pirates.
Shark Submerge 3 The Thousand Sunny's "Soldier Dock System: Channel 3". A submarine with a shark theme.
Shark Superb The Shark Superb is the ship of the Arlong Pirates.
Shichibukai It is a group formed by seven pirates to the order of the world government. The government agreed to take away the price on their head in exchange for their cooperation and the end of their pirate activity.
Shigure "Autumn rain" - Tashigi's sword.
Shihousen "Judicial Ship" - A ship that is used as a mobile court of the World Government.
Shimashima Shopping The Shimashima Shopping is the ship that Sanji gives to Luffy for their help in the Baratie crisis.
Shin Sekai The original name of the New World, the second half of the Grand Line after crosing the Red Line. This sea is controled by the Yonkou.
Shinokuni The mass destruction weapon developed by Caesar. A poisonous H2S gas bomb.
Shiro Den Den Mushi One type of Den Den Mushi that is attached to another Den Den Mushi to prevent conversation wiretaps from from a Kuro Den Den Mushi. "Shiro" means "white" in Japanese.
Shirohige Shirohige is the Japanese word equivalent to "Whitebeard", it is the name by which is known Whitebeard pirate crew and the nickname of his captain, Edward Newgate.
Shiromokuba 1 The Thousand Sunny's "Soldier Dock System: Channel 1". An improvement of the Waver by Franky.
Shodai Kitetsu The Shodai Kitetsu is one of the 12 Saijou Oo Wazamono. Like all the Kitetsu swords, this one is cursed.
Shoui "Second lieutenant" - Third position in the scale of the marines bases after the captain and the first lieutenant.
Shousa "Lieutenant" - Advisor to the order of the commanders at the marine base.
Shoushou "Rear Admiral" - A high rank in the pyramid of marines.
Shuusui "Clear autumn water" - The gift sword from Ryuma to Zoro after their combat. As Mihak's sword it's a Kokutou. It's part of the 21 Oo Wazamono.
Silver Den Den Mushi A special Den Den Mushi used by the Marines. This Den Den Mushi is the receiver of the Golden Den Den Mushi, it emits a siren sound when a Buster Call is requested.
Skypiea Skypiea is an island formed by a portion of the Island of Jaya that a day was divided and formed an island in the clouds.
Soldier Dock System The Soldier Dock System is an integrated system within the Thousand Sunny that reveals some dock from which various types of vehicles are deployed from the sides of the ship thanks to a numbered roulette.
Soldier Zombie The zombies to Absalom charge that resides in the cementery.
Souchou "Sergeant Major" - An official in promotion in attendance to the marines headquarters.
South Blue South Blue is the sea more to the south. At the moment there is no known location in this sea.
Special Zombie The stronger zombie created by Moria and Hogback. He is the number 900 zombie, he uses Luffy's shadow and has the body of the legendary Oars.
Striker The Striker is Ace's raft. This raft is propelled with the fire that Ace generates with his powers.