One Piece Encyclopedia

Nakama Nakama is a Japanese expression, it would be possible to be translated as friend or fellow traveller.
New Witch's Bero The New Witch's Bero is the ship of the Alvida Bellamy.
NHC10 An highly addictive stimulant drug included in the Candy that Caesar used to control the childrens in his human gigantification experiment.
Nidai Kitetsu The Nidai Kitetsu is one of the 21 Oo Wazamono. Like all Kitetsu Swords, this one is cursed.
Ningyo Ningyo is a Japanese word, it can be translated as "siren".
Nitouhei "Second class private recruit" - A person recruited by marines to exert as soldier.
Nitouryuu Nitouryuu is a sword discipline that consists in fighting simultaneously with two swords.
Noah A huge wreck located in the Gyojin District. This ship was sunk hundreds years ago after a failed attempt by the Gyojin Island's inhabitants to move to the humans world.
North Blue North Blue is the sea more to the north. At the moment there is no known location in this sea.
North Home The North Home is Montblanc Noland's ship.