One Piece Encyclopedia

Flintlock The most used firearm in the One Piece world. The real Flintlock must be reloaded after each shot, but Oda said that in his world they can shot many times for making thinks more dynamic.
Florian Triangle A misterious waters where the ships disapears in extrange circuntances. The rumors said that there are ghost.
Franky Family The Franky Family is a company of dismantler formed by all those that fail in the access exam of the Galley-La company. The Franky Family also exerts as bounty hunters, the steal and defeat the pirates of the island.
Full The Full is the ship of the Baroque Works. This was the ship that used the Dance Powder to generate the rain.
Funegiri Funegiri is the Japanese word equivalent to "Ship Cutter", it is the nickname by which is known the captain T-Bone.
Funkfried Spandam's sword which has ate the Zou Zou no Mi.