One Piece Encyclopedia

Pacifista A series of cyborgs created by Dr. Vegapunk to the image of the Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma. They are human weapons able to reproduce the beams that Kizaru creates with his power but they don't possess the ability of the original Pacifista, Bartholomew Kuma.
Paddle The Thousand Sunny's "Soldier Dock System: Channel 0". A paddle wheel system to navigate without wind.
Paradise The name given by the pirates in the first half of the Grand Line, because how quiet it's compared to the bloody New World.
Paramecia Paramecia is one of the three families of the Akuma no Mi (Devil Fruits). The quality of these one is that the power that it grants consists of the physical change of the one who eats is.
Pluton Pluton is one of the Ancient Weapons. It is said to be a warship able to end the world. The blueprints of this weapon were a possession of legendary carpenter Tom and were given to their disciples Iceberg and Franky.
Poneglyphs The Poneglyphs are old runes written in the ancestral language that contains data of the history. Many people think that they are the key to find the Ancient Weapons.
Pop Green Seeds of the Boin Archipelago's plants that can grow instantly. One of Usopp's new weapons after his training with Heracles.
Poseidon Poseidon is one of the Ancient Weapons. In one of the Poneglyphs of Sky Island this weapon is mentioned.
Puffing Tom Puffing Tom is the first and the only Umi Ressha (Sea Train) in operation. Its name is in honor to the legendary carpenter who created it, Tom.