One Piece Encyclopedia

East Blue East Blue is the sea more to the east. This it is the place where Luffy's adventure begins.
Eizou Den Den Mushi A Den Den Mushi that works as an image projector. "Eizou" means "projection" in Japanese.
Eternal Pose It are a variation of the Log Pose. The difference is that these compasses always aim at the same island which turns out useful to take a short cut or to return to islands without crossing the usual way.
Eve A legendary tree known as "Shining Tree Eve", around which Gyojin Island was founded. This tree absorbs the light from the surface and transfers it to its roots that glow illuminating the deep sea.It's the Yarukiman Mangrove's largest tree.
Extol It is the official currency of Skypiea, the value of 10,000 extols is equivalent to 1 Berry.