One Piece Encyclopedia

Calm Belt The Calm Belt forms the waters that surround the Grand Line. It is impossible to cross these waters, the magnetic currents of the Grand Line cause that the wind doesn't blow in these waters, in addition it's filled with marine monsters of supernatural size.
Candy The name of a sweet that contains the highly addictive NHC10 stimulant. Caesar uses them to control a group of children without them realizing they are being druged.
Chuui "First lieutenant" - Second to the position of the captain in the hierarchy of the marines and substitute in his absence.
Chuujou "Vice-admiral" - They occupy the position of assistants of the admirals and commanders in the marine headquarter.
Chuusa "Commander" - Assistant of the captain at the position on the base of the marines in which they exert.
Cipher Pol They are an agency of agents of the government, composed by nine divisions. They are in charge to make works concealed in the name of the government.
Coating A resin coating of Sabaody Archipelago's mangroves that allows the ships to dive under the water and reach Gyojin Island.
Combat Combat is one of the Davy Back Fight games. It's about a boxing combat between the captains of both crews.
Cooking George The Cooking George is the ship of the Red Foot Pirates.
Criminal A prestigious clothing brand created by famous designer Pappag.
Cutty Wagon The Cutty Wagon is the raft formed by Porche, Capoty and Monda for the Donut Race.
Cyberpanda Cyberpanda is a fake brand of Doskoi Panda but more expensive then the original.