Name: Hiruluk
Crew: Pirate Doctor Hiruluk
Position: Doctor
First Introduced: Chapter 141
Bounty: 0 Berries
Devil Fruit: -
Hiruluk was an unlicensed doctor in Drum Kingdom who made the patients cower in fear. The fact that he was a horrible doctor shattered his reputation. To make matters worse, because of the horrible rule King Wapol bestowed upon the kingdom, he and Dr. Kureha were the only doctors left. Otherwise, a patient would have to beg Wapol to be cured by Isshies 20 (the 20 top docs). One day he discovered Chopper, hurt. He earned Chopper's trust and became his caretaker for one year, to heal him. He gave Chopper his name and his signature hat. Hiruluk's dream was to cure the sick nation of Drum with his miraculous invention: a chemical reaction that would make a sakura bloom in Drum Kingdom. He claims to have been cured of a terminal illness just by looking at the sakura bloom for the first time. He had a pirate flag that gave him inspiration to fight to the end, just like a pirate. He taught Chopper this philosophy. He reluctantly shunned Chopper when he became close to finishing his 30 year project. Hiruluk soon after found out he was dying and had 10 days to live. Chopper tried to help him by giving the doctor a mushroom, little did the reindeer know it was poison. The same day, Hiruluk heard a rumor that the Isshies 20 were sick, so he went to Wapol's castle. When he found out it was a lie, he thanked Chopper with the bottom of his heart, proclaiming he had a good life. When Chopper found out that the doc was about to die, he rushed to find him. Unfortunately, Hiruluk blew himself up, inspiring Chopper to become a doctor and fight to the end, like a pirate.