Name: X Drake
Crew: Drake Pirates
Position: Captain
First Introduced: Chapter 498
Bounty: 222.000.000 Berries
Devil Fruit: Ryuu Ryuu
X Drake past X Drake X Drake 2 years later
Nicknamed "Red Flag", X (Diez) Drake is one of the pirates called "Rookies", which reached the middle of the Grand Line with an over one hundred million reward. According to Trafalgar Law and Admiral Kizaru, X Drake used to be a Rear Admiral of the Marines who deserted for an still unknown reasons. Drake has an "prehistoric" Akuma no Mi that allows him to become a huge Allosaurus. With this ability, Drake tried to fight a Pacifista and Kizaru in the Sabaody Archipelago, and even if he managed to hurt the Pacifista, Drake was eventually defeated by the Admiral.