Name: Zeff
Crew: Red Foot Pirates
Position: Captain
First Introduced: Chapter 43
Bounty: ??????? Berries
Devil Fruit: -
Zeff past Zeff Zeff 2 years later
The head chief of the Baratie Restaurant. He used to be a pirate that attacked a ship Sanji was on when he was a small boy. A storm hit and Sanji and Zeff were stranded on an island all by themselves. Zeff gives Sanji a bag of food that he makes last a long time until he finds himself starving. Sanji noticed Zeff had a large bag and went to steal some of his food only to find out gold was inside. Zeff had given all of his food to Sanji! Zeff ate his own leg to survive. Zeff and Sanji are eventually rescued and start their own restaurant on a ship so no one in the sea would ever go hungry. Later when Luffy's crew shows up Zeff tells Sanji to join their crew as the chef.