Name: Indigo
Crew: Golden Lion Pirates
Position: Doctor
First Introduced: Chapter 0
Bounty: 0 Berries
Devil Fruit: -
Indigo is the doctor of the Golden Lion Pirates, the one who diagnose that it was impossible to get out the rudder from the head of his captain. Along with his captain, both would draw a plan to try to conquer the world, which would take 20 years.
Name: Shiki
Crew: Golden Lion Pirates
Position: Captain
First Introduced: Chapter 350
Bounty: ??????? Berries
Devil Fruit: Fuwa Fuwa
"Golden Lion" Shiki is one of the pirates of Roger's era. He was known as the pirate with the largest army under his command. Shiki knew that Roger knews the whereabouts of the ancient weapons and therefore try to convince him to join forces and take over the world. During his battle with Roger he had an accident in which a rudder was embedded into his head. When Shiki learned that Roger was captured and would be executed, he infiltrated into the Merine Headquarters to demand an explanation but he was defeated by Sengoku and Garp. Shiki was held captive in Impel Down, he is known for being the first prisoner who escapes from this prison, he had to cut his own feet to escape from his kairouseki shackles. Shiki was known for preparing his plans carefully, therefore, after his jailbreak he remains hidden preparing for his next move.