Name: Jewelry Bonney
Crew: Bonney Pirates
Position: Capitain
First Introduced: Chapter 498
Bounty: 140.000.000 Berries
Devil Fruit: ?
Jewelry Bonney Jewelry Bonney 2 years later
Nicknamed "The Glutton", Bonney is one of the pirates called Rookies for having an over the one hundred million berries reward. Jewelry Bonney would meet with Zoro when both crossed with a Tenryuubito. Using his ability, Bonney became a little girl and throw tomato at Zoro's face to pretend that she was his younger sister and this way the Tenryuubito thought he was dead. After entering into the New World, Bonney was captured by Kurohige Pirates, who intended to use her for a trade with the World Government in exchange for a ship big enough to travel to San Juan Wolf in it. However, the Admiral Akainu came to the trade, which caused the Kurohige Pirates to flee frightened.