Attack Guide

Thousand Sunny

The Straw Hat's ship is the ultimate creation of Cutty Flam (Franky). Thanks to his design, and the wood of Adam's tree, the Thousand Sunny is a very powerful brig and resistant to bullets and enemies attacks. But not only it is resistant, thanks to the technology that Franky gave it (based on stores cola), the Thousand Sunny is able to move with freedom and speed and is even able to take flight (as the Going Merry did through the Knock-Up Stream). Beyond that, it has a powerful cannon capable of destroying an entire dock.

Chicken Voyage

Kanji: チキン・ボヤージ
Translation: Chicken Voyage

Using a lever near the helm, the hair of the bow starts to move at high speed, which is able to make an emergency escape.


Coup de Burst

Kanji: 風来バースト(クー・ド・バースト)
Translation: Burst Hit

Using a cola converter, the ship absorbs the necessary amount of this liquid for a powerful wind blow through the back deck, in order to obtain a greater acceleration, which is even able to make the Thousand Sunny to fly.


Gaon Hou

Kanji: ガオン砲
Translation: Gaon Cannon

This is the most powerful weapon of the Thousand Sunny. In the bow of the boat is a small room available for a person with a look similar to submarines. At the mouth of the bow, there is a cannon. Then, it starts charging a staggering amount of cola (as Franky said, three barrels of Energy Cola, and three of normal cola), which when converted into energy, it shots a powerful cannon capable of destroying an entire dock. This weapon is normally fired by Usopp, thanks to his good aimming, is much more effective. According to Franky, in addition to this cola spending, two more barrels Cola are need: one for moving the "Voyage Chiken" and one for the "Coup de Burst". This serves to give the ship stability. Franky also mentioned that despite this stability, it is necessary to repair the ship, since it gets slightly damaged. "Gaon" is a hebrew title of excellence.


Sunny Ganriki

Kanji: サニーガンリキ
Translation: Sunny-vision

From the bow of the ship, Franky lights the eyes from the lion, which illuminates an small range perimeter in front of the Sunny.