Attack Guide


Pearl was raised in the jungle by wild animals, that's the reason why it is said that he has "Jungle Blood". Pearl fights with iron shields that covered all his body, these shields are adorned with hard pearls to increase the damage of their impacts. These shields have given him the nickname "Iron Wall", since they grant him a defense practically unbreakable.

His defense is so good that it's said that he has never been hit in his 61 combats, but when he was damaged and he started to bleed he became berserk and put himself on fire to protect himself with the flames and at the same time to attack the enemy, this way he creates the perfect shield.

The names of Perl's attacks are named around the idea of giving pearls as gifts, possibly this pearls represents the beauty and the fear to be damaged.

Chou Tennen Pearl Present

Kanji: 超天然 パール プレセント
Translation: Ultra Natural Pearl Present

A much stronger version of Pearl's Pearl Present attack, usually aimed at the targets head.


Dameoshi Pearl Present

Kanji: ダメ押し パール プレセント
Translation: Double Certain Pearl Present

Pearl punches his opponent with both hand shields at the same time.


Fire Pearl Daitokuten

Kanji: ファイアー パール 大特典
Translation: Fire Pearl Special Favor

After setting himself on fire Pearl throws out large numbers of small flaming pearls that ignites anything they touch.


Fire Pearl Present

Kanji: ファイアー パール プレセント
Translation: Fire Pearl Present

The same attack as Pearl Present except he does this attack ater setting himself on fire, so his shields are burning when he attacks.


Pearl Close

Kanji: パール クローズ
Translation: Pearl Close

Pearl bangs his hands shields together like a pair of cymbals and crushes the opponent's head in between.


Pearl Present

Kanji: パール プレセント
Translation: Pearl Present

Pearl's standard punch using the pearls in his hand shields.


Service Pearl, Ibushigin Present

Kanji: サービス パール イブシビギン プレセント
Translation: Service Pearl, Oxidized Silver Present

Pearl jumps in the air and lands on the opponent with his pearl helmet, crushing them under the full weight of his body and his heavy shields.