Attack Guide


Cavendish, captain of the Beautiful Pirates, is a powerful swordsman. He has the sword Durandal, one of the best Meitou in the world.

Cavendish has a split personality. When he is conscious of himself, he is a powerful and narcissistic swordsman, who only cares about fighting to win more fame and recognition. But when he falls asleep, he wakes up as a second personality: Hakuba. Hakuba is a violent swordsman able to attack everyone, whether they are allies or enemies at high speed. It is assumed that Hakuba's is twice as strong that Cavendish.

Hakuba occasionally killed several inhabitants of Rommel Kingdom. As his attacks were so fast, no one could see who was generating these "cuts in the air". For this reason, he was nicknamed the "Rommel Kamaitachi". A kamaitachi some kind of japanese demon, represented by a stoat with sickle claws, which is blamed for causing every wound of unknown origin.

Biken: Bluebird

Kanji: 美剣 青い鳥(ブルーバード)
Translation: Beautiful Sword: Bluebird

Cavendish takes out his sword "Durandal" and gives a straight thrust to his opponent.


Biken: Round Table

Kanji: 美剣 円卓(ラウンドテーブル)
Translation: Beautiful Sword: Round Table


Biken: Swan Lake

Kanji: 美剣 白鳥の湖(スワン・レイク)
Translation: Beautiful Sword: Swan Lake


Biken: Zan Exupéry

Kanji: 美剣 斬・星屑王子(ザン・テグジュペリ)
Translation: Beautiful Sword: Exupéry Cut


Precious Metal Axe

Kanji: 金の斧銀の斧(プレシャスメタルアックス)
Translation: Precious Metal Axe