Naita Akaoni and One Piece

Naita Akaoni (Red Ogro cried), is a Japanese popular story that keeps many similarities with the story from the giants Brogy and Dorry. First, both characters share the same nicknames with the main characters of this tale, the Red Ogre and the Blue Ogre, and as in the tale the Blue Ogre (Dorry), will realize a sacrifice that will make the Red Ogre (Brogy) to cry. This is triggered in chapter 120, which peculiarly is titled, "The Red Ogre cried".

The legend

Once upon a time, one Red Ogre and Blue Ogre lived in a mountain. Red Ogre was very kind, and he wanted to make friends with humans. However, people who lived near the mountain were afraid of him because they didn't know or didn't try to know that he was actually a kind ogre. People run away from him and said, "Run, run! Cruel ogre came to eat us!" when Red Ogre approached them. He was always sorry that he was a ogre.

He set up a sign in front of his house, and it said, "I am a kind and polite ogre! Please come in and take a break with me! Don't hesitate! I always prepare tea and sweets for you!" However, people said, "Ogre will eat us if we go into his house! You know, he is a cruel ogre". Nobody came there, and Red Ogre was very sad.

His friend, Blue Ogre was also kind, and he was always sorry to see Red Ogre. Blue Ogre said to Red Ogre, "Hey, buddy! Don't be sad! I think that you can make friends with humans someday".

"Thanks, Blue Ogre-kun. But I can't because they run away from me!"

"Do you want human friends in any way?"

"Yeah! Yeah! Have you seen them play? They looked so fun. I wanted to join them..."

"...I have a good idea for you!"

"Really!? Tell me!"

Blue Ogre whispered his idea to Red Ogre.

Red Ogre heard that, and he said,"Wow!! It is a good idea! Thank you so much, my best friend!"

"No problem! You are my friend, huh?"

Next day, they went to village that people lived, and they saw children play with a Japanese ball from bushes. Blue Ogre said,"Are you ready, buddy?" Red Ogre nodded. Suddenly, Blue Ogre burst from bushes, and shouted to children, "I'm from the mountain to eat you!!" Children screamed, and tried to run away from him, but he caught one girl. She cried,"Somebody helps me!!"

Blue Ogre said, "Nobody helps you. I'm going to eat you!"

At the moment, Red Ogre appeared in front of Blue Ogre, and said, "Release her!"

Blue Ogre said, "I don't! Why do you disturb me? Do you also wanna eat her? She's mine!"

"No! I want to help her!! If you don't release her, I'll fight you!"

Then, Red Ogre pounced at Blue Ogre, and pretended to hit and kick him. Blue Ogre cried, "Don't! Okey! I'll release her, so don't hit me any more!"

"All right! I'll forgive you. Go away!"

Red Ogre said that, and Blue Ogre run away hurriedly. Children gathered around Red Ogre and thanked him very much. The girl who were helped by Red Ogre said, "You are so kind! Thank you so much! I didn't know that there was so kind ogre. You are my lifesaver! Could you come to my house and have dinner with my family?"

"Sure! Can I, can I go...?"

"Of course! Why not?"

Now, Red Ogre was so happy, and he made friends with humans. He thanked Blue Ogre so much. The night, people held a party for him, and he enjoyed it very much.

After the party, it was completely dark and midnight. Red Ogre hurried Blue Ogre's house and wanted to thank him, but nobody answered although he knocked Blue Ogre's door. He wandered and opened the door. Soon, she found that there was a paper on a table, and it was a letter from Blue Ogre.

It said, "I'm really really glad that you made human friends. I have to go away from this mountain because people will become to hate you if they know that I'm still here, and I'm your friend. I'm okay, don't worry... I'll be your best friend forever... Good bye."

Red Ogre read this letter, and started to cry. He cried and cried. He stopped crying, remembered Blue Ogre and started to cry again and again.

The Red Ogre and the Blue Ogre