Attack Guide


Violet has eaten the "Giro Giro no Mi", which gives her the gift of "clairvoyance". Being able to see everything at very far distances, reaching 4.000 km, as if it were a telescope. It also gives her the ability to read the mind of a person, as well as see through his clothes, meat or even inside their bodies.

Hierro Lágrima: Mekujira

Kanji: 熱鉄の涙(イエロ・ラグリマ) 目鯨(メクジラ)
Translation: Iron Tear: Whale Eyes

Violet drops two tears from her eyes that become huge whales that are able to knock some opponents.


Peeping Mind

Kanji: 心覗き(ピーピングマインド)
Translation: Peeping Mind

Placing his index and middle fingers in his eyes, like if they were binoculars, Violet records a person's body to the point of being able to read his mind and reveal all his secrets and plans. This technique can also be done the other side, placing her fingers in the eyes of another person, so that he can read Violet's mind.