Attack Guide

Nefertari Vivi

Kujakki Slasher

Kanji: 孔雀(クジャッキー)スラッシャー
Translation: Peacock Slasher

Vivi's weapon of choice, small jewels in wires that resemble the dot in a peacock's tail feathers. Vivi loops one end of the wire around one of her pinky fingers then swings the peacock jewel to create a slicing, spinning disk for her to attack with.


Kujakki String Slasher

Kanji: 孔雀(クジャッキー)一連(ストリング)スラッシャー
Translation: Peacock String Slasher

Vivi attacks in the same method as she does with her normal "Kujakki Slasher" attack, but this time she uses a long chain made from her sharp peacock jewels which is apparently stronger than her standard slasher. She can also use the string slash to whip and stab opponents as well as swinging it into a razor disk. If you look close enough, you can often see Vivi wearing her "String Slasher" as a belt when not in use.


Kujakki String Slasher Runback

Kanji: 孔雀(クジャッキー)一連(ストリング)スラッシャー逆流(ランバック)
Translation: Peacock String Slasher Runback

A clever attack where Vivi wields two of her string slashers instead of the usual one. First she whips both slashers at different opponents as if she was trying to stab them, however she intentionally misses with both and when the enemy drops their guard she swings them around to hit her opponents in the back.


Miwaku no Memaai Dance

Kanji: 魅惑のメマーイダンス
Translation: Captivating Dizziness Dance

Vivi stand on feet over Carue and she dances causing to her rival dizziness with the circles of her top. In the anime version Vivi's top was changed and she sprays intead a special perfume in the air and does a sexy dance to help it spread, calling this attack "Miwaku no Kousei Dance" (Captivating Perfume Dance).