Attack Guide

Marshall D. Teach

Black Hole

Kanji: 闇穴道(ブラック・ホール)
Translation: Black Hole

Teach covers the ground from a great area to his around with the dark, that swallowed everything what is in its surface.



Kanji: 震破(グラッシュ)
Translation: Gurash

Kuro Uzu

Kanji: 闇水(くろうず)
Translation: Dark Vortex

With the palm of his hand Teach attracts his opponent, in case of being a usuary of the Akuma no Mi abilities, to neutralize its powers and can strike him even if he if a Logia.



Kanji: 解放(リベレイション)
Translation: Liberation

After using "Black Hole", Teach creates a dark column that expels everything that was previously absorbed.