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Hannyabal is vice warden to Impel Down, and as such is a very strong person. However, he is not as much as his boss, the warden Magellan. However, Hannyabal defends very well, despite having no Akuma no Mi power, with the help of a powerful trident he keeps the order between the prisoners of Impel Down.

Hannya Carnival: Shounetsu Jigoku Gurama

Kanji: ハンニャカーニバル 焦熱地獄車
Translation: Hannya Carnival: Blazing Hell Wheel

Hannyabal begins to spin at high speed his double edged bisento while he sings: "Hannya Hannya Hannya", and this way noth ends of his weapon turn into fire, attacking by surprise his enemy with his flaming weapon. "Hannya" is a ritual mask representing a jealous female demon.