Attack Guide


Zeo is a wobbegong shark gyojin. To attack, he use a pair of chains with a weight on their end, which he ueses to beat his opponents. He also has the natural ability to camouflage into the environment to attack his opponents by surprise.

Besides all this, Zeo can take, a substance called "Energy Steroid", which potentiates his attacks and speed.

Body De Sword Crush

Kanji: ボディDEソードクラッシュ
Translation: Sword Crush by Body

Using the "Camouflage Carpet", Zeo tries to crush the opponents weapon with his body. Zeo named this way a "supposed" attack that he made to Brook, where he supposedly "destroy" the tip from Brook's sword with the strength of his body. But the truth is that Brook actually caught him about to be attacked, and pierced his sword into his body.


Camouflage Carpet

Kanji: カムフラージュ・カーペット
Translation: Camouflage Carpet

Using his wobbegong shark capacity, Zeo camouflages in the environment and stealthily approaches to his enemy for a surprise attack.


Kamigakure Flail: 66 Shu

Kanji: 隠れフレイル 66首
Translation: Divine Disappearing Flail: 66 Neck

Using his chains, Zeo catches the neck of his opponent from his back (having previously camouflaged with "Camouflage Carpet"). Once trapped his opponent's neck, Zeo strongly pulls the chains in an attempt to decapitate his rival. Unfortunately for Zeo, Brook used his "Tamashii" ability to return his head to his place. The pun of this attack is that if we read each number of 66 separately, leaving it as "roku roku", it would phonetically translated into English as "lock lock".


Super Sole Headbutt

Kanji: 超足裏頭突き(スーパーソールヘッドバット)
Translation: Super Sole Headbutt

Camouflaged into the environment, Zeo put hit head under the foot of an opponent. Zeo named this way his "supposed" attack to Brook, in which supposedly the strength of his "headbutt" would inflict damage exponentially. Although the truth is that Brook just accidentally stepped on his head, as Zeo was camouflaged trying to immobilize Nami.