Attack Guide

Victoria Cindry

Cindry was a famous actress in the world of One Piece, of which, Dr. Hogback fell deeply in love. When she was alive, Cindry rejected Hogback, after which he left extremely distressed. When Moria found Hogback he proposed that if he worked for him rebuilding bodies, Moria would bring back Cindry's body, to be obedient to Hogback. Done the deal, Moria got Cindry's body (who died in an accident) and gave it to Hogback, along with one shadow: from a woman named "Margarita", which Cindry's zombie inherited all his qualities.

Kaku Zara Tou

Kanji: 角皿刀
Translation: Square Dishes Swords

You could say that is an "attack" inherited from the shadow of Margarita. Taking a huge pile of square plates, Cindry launches each one flying against some adversary, which thanks to their shape they can cut or pierce a body like a sword.