Attack Guide


T-Bone is a Marine Captain, capable of using and brandishing a sword with great technique. He is nicknamed "Ship-Cutter" since thanks to his skills T-Bone has became famous for cutting huge pirate ships by half.

Chokkaku Hichou: Bone Oodori

Kanji: 直角飛鳥 ボーン大鳥(オオドリー)
Translation: Right Angle Flying Bird: Bone Big Bird

T-Bone sends a sharp wave from his sword with bird shape that advances in zigzag, being more difficult for his opponent to avoid it.


Chokkaku Senkou: Bone Soir

Kanji: 直角閃光 ボーン空割(ソワール)
Translation: Right Angle Flash: Bone Night

T-Bone sends a perfectly square sharp wave with his sword. The name of this attack is a pun of the French expression "Bon Soir" (Good night), and as well, the kanji used means "Bone Air Split".