Attack Guide


Fuza's Wrath

Kanji: フザ・ウォース
Translation: Fuza's Wrath

Shura has Fuza use the "Flame Dial" in his mouth to breathe a large blast of fire.


Heat Javelin

Kanji: 熱の槍(ヒートジャベリン)
Translation: Heat Javelin

Shura uses the Heat Dial embedded in his lance to generate intense heat. Anything the lance strikes catches fire.


Himo no Shiren

Kanji: 紐の試練
Translation: Ordeal of String

Shura's Ordel of String, consists of many nearly-invisible strings interlaces from tree to tree like a web. These strings catch his enemies and leaves them immobilized.



Kanji: 心綱(マントラ)
Translation: Mantra

A ability possessed by Enel and his Priests that allows them to sense people's presences nearby and read their thoughts, however it does take a good deal of concentration to keep active.