Attack Guide

Rob Lucci

As a member of the CP9, Rob Lucci is able to use the martial art known as "Rokushiki". To practice the Rokushiki, it takes large amounts of both talent and effort in order to master, those who can get called "supermen" and have no rival.

Rob Lucci is the most powerful member of the CP9, and he is the only one capable of performing the "Roku Ou Gan" technique, Rokushiki's final art. Besides all this, Rob Lucci has eaten the Neko Neko no Mi model leopard that potentiates his skills, and allows him to turn into a leopard and a leopard man.


Kanji: 月歩
Translation: Moon Walk

One of the six Rokushiki techniques. Trowing kick to the air Lucci can impulse him higher as he could fly.



Kanji: 紙絵
Translation: Paper Drawing

One of the six Rokushiki techniques. This technique makes his body lighter (as a paper) and allows him to avoid all attack with easily.



Kanji: 剃刀
Translation: Razor

In this technique Lucci combines Soru with Geppou to advance at full speed while he is impelled in the air being able to do abrupt changes of direction.



Kanji: 嵐脚
Translation: Storm Leg

One of the six Rokushiki techniques. In this offensive technique they can raise a sharp wind beam kicking to the air.


Rankyaku: Gaichou

Kanji: 嵐脚 凱鳥
Translation: Storm Leg: Victorious Bird

Lucci throws a bird-shaped Rankyaku that can cut through iron.


Rankyaku: Hyoubi

Kanji: 嵐脚 豹尾
Translation: Storm Leg: Leopard Tail

Lucci attacks with a Rankyaku that, after being created, becomes a spiral.


Rokushiki Ougi: Roku Ou Gan

Kanji: 六式奥義 六王銃
Translation: Rokushiki Secret Technique: Six King Bullet

Joining both fists one upon the other, he strikes the opponent. Luffy compared this attack with a Impact Dial from Skypiea but more powerful.


Saidairin: Roku Ou Gan

Kanji: 最大輪 六王銃
Translation: Biggest Ring: Six King Bullet

The same technique as "Rokushiki Ougi: Roku Ou Gan" but with a expansive wave with ring shape.


Seimei Kikan: Kaijo

Kanji: 生命帰還 解除
Translation: Life Return: Cancel

Lucci uses this after the "Seimei Kikan: Kamie Bushin" to deactivate the effect.


Seimei Kikan: Kamie Bushin

Kanji: 生命帰還 紙絵武身
Translation: Life Return: Paper Drawing Battle Form

Lucci uses Kamie in leopard-man form to alter his physical form and to reach a more streamlined size that resembled a normal person's one. With this form he reduces his attack power , but he obtains more speed.



Kanji: 指銃
Translation: Finger Gun

One of the six Rokushiki techniques. With this technique he makes his finger harder and moves it at such speed that manages to penetrate the human flesh, like the impact of a bullet.


Shigan: Madara

Kanji: 指銃 斑
Translation: Finger Gun: Spots

Lucci uses Shigan repeatedly with the two hands.


Shigan: Ouren

Kanji: 指銃 黄蓮
Translation: Finger Gun: Coptis

Lucci uses Shigan repeatedly against the opponents body with only one hand. The kanji used for "Ouren" means "Yellow Lotus Flower".



Kanji: 手銃
Translation: Hand Gun

Shugan: Madara

Kanji: 手銃 斑
Translation: Hand Gun: Spots

Shugan: Ouren

Kanji: 手銃 黄蓮
Translation: Hand Gun: Coptis


Translation: Shave

One of the six Rokushiki techniques. Lucci moves his legs so fast that he goes faster than what the human eye can follow.



Kanji: 鉄塊
Translation: Iron Mass

One of the six Rokushiki techniques. This is a defensive technique in which his body becomes hardens until imitating the hardness of the iron. A blow with enough strengh is able "to break through" the Tekkai, damaging the user. Another weak point is that although it hardens the body, Lucci still is vulnerable to elements (as fire).


Tekkai: Utsugi

Kanji: 鉄塊 空木
Translation: Iron Mass: Deutzia

With this technique, besides defend himself from the enemy attack, Lucci counterattacks rejecting the blow against the opponent.


Tobu Shigan: Bachi

Kanji: 飛ぶ指銃 撥
Translation: Flying Finger Gun: Plectrum

In his leopard-man form, Lucci's nails became are fires against his opponent like they where bullets.


Tobu Shigan: Hibachi

Kanji: 飛ぶ指銃 火撥
Translation: Flying Finger Gun: Fire Plectrum

A stronger version of "Tobu Shigan: Bachi". This time Lucci's nails became hot are allows him to shoot then like fireballs.