Attack Guide


Perona is one of mysterious persons of Thriller Bark. Perona has eaten the Horo Horo no Mi, which lets her create ghostly holograms at her will. The ghosts she creates are capable of generating pessimists feelings to whoever they crossover. The only immune to such skills is Usopp, because he's inherently negative. Besides this, Perona is capable of creating explosive ghosts that are activated with a snap of his fingers. She's even capable of becoming a ghost herself, but for this it's necessary for her to leave her real body in a safe place, which makes it an easy target for any attack.

Ghost Rap

Kanji: ゴースト・ラップ
Translation: Ghost Rap

With a finger snap, Perona detonates the Mini Hollow that she previously created. In case she has created many of them, with a continuous finger-snapping and with a "Rap" rhythm, she can create a chain of explosions.


Kamikaze Rap

Kanji: 神風ラップ
Translation: Kamikaze Rap

Once the Toku Hollow she previously created has her opponent totally trapped, as with the Mini Hollows, Perona realizes a finger snap to detonate it creating a tremendous explosion.


Mini Hollow

Kanji: ミニホロ
Translation: Mini Hollow

Perona uses the ability of the Horo Horo no Mi to create one or several apparently inoffensive mini Ghosts, but with an enormous explosive power.


Negative Hollow

Kanji: ネガティブ・ホロウ
Translation: Negative Hollow

Perona sends out multiple Ghosts with negative power that drains the will of a foe, either on one person or many. This Ghosts continuosly sing the word "Negative" and had their own will.


Toku Hollow

Kanji: 得ホロ
Translation: Special Hollow

Perona creates a giant version of her Mini Hollows with a bigger explosive power.