Attack Guide

Mr. 9

A Baroque Works Frontier Agent that was the teammate of Nefertari Vivi. He uses acrobatic skills and his "Acro Bats" to fight.

Kattobase Shikomi Bat

Kanji: カッ飛ばせ仕込みバット
Translation: Homerun Training Bat

Mr. 9 shoots the end of one of his "Acro Bats" which is attached to the rest of the bat by a chain. The idea is to use the chain to ensnare the opponent and hold them in place, of course this can easily backfire on Mr. 9 should his opponent prove to be stronger than him...


Nekketsu Nine Konjou Bat

Kanji: 熱血ナイン根性バット
Translation: Hot-blooded Nine Bat Fury

Mr. 9 does a string of back flips towards the opponent, and then strikes them with a pair of iron baseball bats or "Acro Bats" as he calls them.