Attack Guide

Monkey D. Garp

Monkey D. Garp is one of the most important Vice Admirals of the Marines. As Sengoku's right hand, Garp is a powerful Marine, he has a legendary strength, that even made him cornered several times the Pirate King Gol D Roger. Garp battle style is based solely on his tremendous brute force, capable of hitting even the Akuma no Mi users, whatever their ability is (since he sais that there is no defense for his "love fist").

In addition to his great strength, Garp is able to throw somo cannonballs at high speed, even more powerfull than a conventional cannon.

Blue Hole

Kanji: 海底落下(ブルーホール)
Translation: Blue Hole

Galaxy Divide

Kanji: 拳骨唐竹割(ギャラクシーディバイド)
Translation: Galaxy Divide

Galaxy Impact

Kanji: 拳骨衝突(ギャラクシーインパクト)
Translation: Galaxy Impact

Gen Kotsu Meteo

Kanji: 拳骨隕石(メテオ)
Translation: Fist Meteo

Garp launches a cannonball with his bare hand with more powerful and faster than a current cannon shot.


Gen Kotsu Ryuuseigun

Kanji: 拳骨流星群
Translation: Fist Meteor Swarm

Same attack as "Gene Kotsu Meteo", but this time Garp sends 1.000 cannonballs one after another instead of a single one.


Kaizoku Hi no Tama

Kanji: 海賊火の玉
Translation: Pirate Fireballs