Attack Guide

Miss Valentine

Miss Valentine is the female Baroque Works agent, Mr. 5's teammate. She has eaten the Kilo Kilo no Mi, which lets her to manage her body weight at her will, from 1 kg to the maximum tons. This ability allows her to be immune to falls,no matter from how high they are. To attack, Miss Valentine uses his ability to reduce her weight and then crush her rivals sharply increasing her weight to large tons.

10.000 Kilo Guillotine

Kanji: 一万キロギロチン
Translation: 10.000 Kilo Guillotine

Similar to the "10.000 Kilo Press", only this time aims for the opponents head or neck and she drops down with one of her legs extended straight out towards to either smash in or cut off the opponent's head.


10.000 Kilo Press

Kanji: 一万キロプレス
Translation: 10.000 Kilo Press

First Miss Valentine makes herself weigh only one kilogram so she can use her umbrella to float above her opponent to aim her attack. Then, when she's directly over her target she rapidly increases her weight to 10.000 kilograms, lands on top of her opponent and crushes them flat.


Crescendo Stone

Kanji: 強くなる石(クレッシエンドストーン)
Translation: Crescendo Stone

Miss Valentine sits on her opponent and slowly increases her weight, usually in intervals of 100 kilograms, until she crushes them like a bug. "Crescendo" is an Italian word which means "growing", in musical notation "crescendo" means that the notes are gradually getting louder.