Attack Guide

Miss DoubleFinger

Miss DoubleFinger is Mr. 1's teammate, and a leading member of Baroque Works. Miss DoubleFinger has eaten the Toge Toge no Mi, which lets her to turn her body into sharp spikes that can destroy walls of solid rock. To attack, Miss DoubleFinger converts any part of her body on spikes, which takes different positions.

As Mr. 1, the names of Miss DoubleFinger's attacks are usually in English, and usually accompanied by the tagline "Stinger". Some of her attacks are based on medieval weapons.

Double Stinger

Kanji: ダブルスティンガー
Translation: Double Stinger

Miss DoubleFinger merges her each of hands into one large spike and uses them in a rapid-fire stabbing barrage.


Sea Urchin Stinger

Kanji: シー・アーチンスティンガー
Translation: Sea Urchin Stinger

Similar in nature to the "Stinger Hedgehog", but this time she turns only her hair into a sea urchin-like spike ball and charges her opponent.


Sewing Stinger

Kanji: ソーイングスティンガー
Translation: Sewing Stinger

Miss DoubleFinger sprouts one long spike from the bottom of each foot then runs along the ground using the spikes as stilts to trample and shred anything in her path.


Stinger Finger

Kanji: スティンガーフィンガー
Translation: Stinger Finger

Miss DoubleFinger turns her fingers into long spikes and either stabs or slashes her opponent with them.


Stinger Flail

Kanji: スティンガーフレイル
Translation: Stinger Flail

Using her enlarged arms from the "Toge Toge Doping" technique, she sprouts small thick spikes all along her arms and uses them as smashing clubs.


Stinger Hedgehog

Kanji: スティンガーヘッジホッグ
Translation: Stinger Hedgehog

One of her more destructive attacks, she first rolls her body into a ball, then sprouts spikes in all directions giving her the appearance of a sea urchin. In this mode she can attack by either dropping straight down on top of her opponent or by rolling along the ground and leveling everything in her path.


Stinger Step

Kanji: スティンガーステップ
Translation: Stinger Step

Miss DoubleFinger sprouts tons of spikes on the bottom of her foot and stomps her opponent with them.


Toge Toge Doping

Kanji: トゲトゲ針治療(ドーピング)
Translation: Thorn Thorn Doping

Apparently some form of acupuncture technique where Miss DoubleFinger turns her fingers on both hands into spikes then stabs herself in the shoulders. This causes her arms to enlarge and become extremely muscular, like some kind of doping.