Attack Guide


As a Marine Admiral, Aokiji is one of the most powerful persons within this organizing. What is more, Aokiji, as the other two Admirals, possesses one Logia Akuma no Mi: the Hie Hie no Mi, that lets him to become into ice and manipulate it at his own will. People who are frozen by Aokiji, are immediately vulnerable to other attacks, as the formed ice statues, are very fragile.

Moreover, according to the Gorusei, Aokiji is the most powerful man of the Marines.

Ice Age

Kanji: 氷河時代(アイスエイジ)
Translation: Ice Age

Without a doubt, this is one Aokiji's strongest attacks. In this technique, Aokiji puts the hand in the water and freezes the sea. The reach of this attack is unknown. According to the own Aokiji the effect of the freezing lasts one week.


Ice Ball

Kanji: アイスBALL(ボール)
Translation: Ice Ball

Using the ability of the Hie Hie no Mi, Aokiji throws an ice ball, which at contacting with an opponent, it puts him into a completely unbreakable ice block. According Aokiji, not all attacks can be avoided by this freeze.


Ice Block: Partisan

Kanji: アイス塊(ブロック) 両棘矛(パルチザン)
Translation: Ice Block: Partisan

Aokiji forms an ice partisan from the air humidity to attack the opponent.


Ice Block: Pheasant Peck

Kanji: アイス塊(ブロック) 暴雉嘴(フェザントベック)
Translation: Ice Block: Pheasant Peck

Using the air's humidity, Aokiji turns his body into ice, and then with his arms, he forms the figure of a pheasant, and with this pech and wings, he tries to attack and freeze his opponents. In the anime he uses this atack with a single arm.


Ice Glove

Kanji: 氷拳(アイスグローブ)
Translation: Ice Glove

Ice Saber

Kanji: アイスサーベル
Translation: Ice Saber

Aokiji takes some grass from the ground, he throws them to the air and he freeze them with his breath to obtain an ice sword with which he can attack the opponent.


Ice Time

Kanji: アイスタイム
Translation: Ice Time

With this technique Aokiji can completely freeze his opponent, but he leaves him with life. In order to use this technique it is only necessary to make contact with the objective enemy. In spite of being freezed, the victims of this attack can continue with life.


Ice Time Capsule

Kanji: アイスタイムカプセル
Translation: Ice Time Capsule

Aokiji throws an attack against his opponent which freezes a part of his body and leaves them trapped to the ground. This way, he can later use "Ice Time" easily.