Attack Guide

Kelly Funk

Kelly Funk is a skilled boxer from the Kingdom of Mogaro, with extremely violent behavior. However, his stamina is very low and can be defeated easily with one blow. Quite the opposite of his brother Bobby Funk, who is strong but extremely peaceful, to the extent that he will not use his colossal strength against an opponent. To compensate for each one's weaknesses, Kelly has eaten the "Jake Jake no Mi", which allows him to transform in a kind of jacket, with which he can control whoever wears it. Thus, Kelly becomes Bobby's jacket, combining the two in a devastating fighter.

Jake Jake: Nininbaori

Kanji: ジャケジャケ 二人羽織
Translation: Jacket Jacket: Two Person Coat

With the ability of "Jake Jake no Mi", Kelly becomes a jacket that Bobby can wear. Once Bobby wears it, Kelly takes control of his powerful body. The name of the attack refers to the coat that is used in comedy to play a hunchback, were one person controls the body and the other one the arms.



Kanji: 乱暴(ランボー)
Translation: Violent

Once he has the control of Bobby's body, Kelly throws a incessant rain of punches on his opponent.