Attack Guide

Ikaros Much

Ikaros is a giant squid gyojin. He fights using his eight arms, and uses some kind of spears which have a squid on their tip which is used dry out his opponents.

Apart from these abilities, Dosun can ingest a substance called "Energy Steroid", which potentiates his strength and speed considerably.

Hakkou: Usubon no Yari

Kanji: 発光 臼梵の槍
Translation: Luminescence: Celestial Mortar Spear

Ikaros takes off the helmet from his head revealing a huge, sharp harpoon that he turns in lights. Ikaros bluff saying that the harpoon is able to pierce through anything, including sea mountains.


Ikaros no Tsubasa

Kanji: イカロスの翼
Translation: Ikaros Wings

While waving his arms, Ikaros repeatly fires water projectiles from his mouth. The name of the attack is a pun, where "tsuba" means "spit".


Ikasumi Bunshin

Kanji: イカスミ分身
Translation: Squid Ink Double

Ikaros creates a copy of himself, made with squid ink. Ideal to evade an enemy attack.


Surumeika no Yari

Kanji: スルメイカの槍
Translation: Squid Spear

Ikaros repeatedly attacks with many spears with squids on their tips, that according to Ikaros himself, these can suck the moisture from a person's body. Unfortunately for him, Ikaros tried to use them on Brook, who didn't have any skin to dry out.